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App Cloud: New, Shiny, Docker-based

Today I am excited to announce that we have launched new generation of our application hosting platform – WSO2 Integration Cloud (also formerly known as App Cloud).

Unlike the earlier generation of the platform, new version is based on container (docker and Kubernetes) technology rather than WSO2 Application Server-based in-JVM multutenancy that we had earlier. This gives two huge benefits that our customers have been demanding:

  • Great application compatibility: your application gets a Tomcat, or Apache server, or WSO2 App Server container and is not sharing it with others, and thus does not have to conform to various security policies,
  • Broader runtime choice: with the new architecture it becomes easier for us to expand to a bigger set of supported runtimes. Besides Tomcat/WSO2 App Server-based Java, we already are offering microservices (MSF4J), and PHP, with more to come in the future.

App Cloud - New App Creation

Below is a quick FAQ about the launch:

What Can I Do With the New Integration Cloud?

Integration Cloud is application hosting platform, so you can:

  • Upload your Java (WAR package), PHP or MSF4J application from your file system or URL,
  • Get it running in selected runtime,
  • Scale up and down by changing the number of containers,
  • Upload new versions,
  • Create MySQL databases and store data there,
  • Create, store, copy, and modify environment variables.

When Will It Become Available?

It is available effective now.

How Do I Try It?


  1. Go to WSO2 Integration Cloud page and sign-up if you do not have an account yet, or Sign In (top right menu item).
  2. Pick Integration Cloud on the index page.

Is the Old App Cloud Still Available?

Yes, if you still have your application and data inside the old App Cloud, you can get to it by clicking the corresponding link at the top banner in the new App Cloud.

We will keep the old App Cloud running in parallel to the new App Cloud until May 15, 2016 – so please make sure that you migrate everything by the end of the month.

How Much Does It Cost?

WSO2 Integration Cloud is in free beta.

How Do I Provide Feedback or Get Help?

Click the Support menu inside App Cloud and we will get back to you!

Try the new WSO2 Integration Cloud today and let us know what you think!

Set Limit on Backend Invocations

WSO2 API Cloud allows you to define the subscription tiers available to each subscriber. But what if there is the overall limit you want to set across all users so that your backend is always protected from excessive traffic?

With the Hard Throttling Limit that we have just introduced, this is as easy as just selecting the Enable Hard Throttling Limits checkbox on the third step of API creation / editing (“Manage”):

API backend hard throttling limits

The limits are in transactions per second (TPS) and can be set separately for production and sandbox backends.

Try in today in WSO2 API Cloud!

Editing API Subscription Tiers

API Cloud comes with 3 default subscription tiers that your subscribers can choose from when consuming the APIs. One of the neat new features that we introduced with the recent update is a UI for editing, removing, and adding these tiers.

To access tier editing screen, simply:

1. Click Configure / Admin Dashboard menu:

API Cloud Admin Dashboard menu

2. In the left-hand pane of the Admin Dashboard, click Throttling Tiers:

Admin Dashboard - Throttling Tiers

That is it! Now you can delete any of the default tiers, edit them or add new ones of your own.

Try it yourself in WSO2 API Cloud today.


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