August 11, 2015
3 min read

API Cloud upgraded to API Manager 1.9

Good news! We have just finished upgrading WSO2 API Cloud to the latest codebase of WSO2 API Manager (1.9) - which brings us the latest features and fixes. The biggest improvement is full Swagger 2.0 support. Swagger is the industry standard for API definitions and this is what API Cloud is using natively as well. You can not just import or export the Swagger definitions, but also edit your API in full-featured Swagger editor with intellisense tooltips, syntax checks, and so on. Simply click Edit Source on the first step of API editing: Edit Source button on the first step of editing API And you get the full power of Swagger at your disposal: Swagger wysiwyg editor and tooling in WSO2 API Manager There are many other improvements and fixes, and we will be now re-releasing our tutorial videos and publishing new blog posts covering the exciting new functionality. Stay tuned! Sign up for free trial of WSO2 API Cloud at