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December 08, 2015
3 min read

API Gateway Default Ports are now 80/443

When WSO2 API Cloud launched initially, by default API Gateway was exposing APIs on ports 8280 and 8243. For customers with firewalls blocking these ports, this led to calls failing with { "error": "no response from server" }. The workaround that we had for this was using Custom URL functionality - which changed both the Gateway URL and ports. Now we made things even better, and no workarounds are required anymore: From now on, default network ports for API Gateway are the standard port 80 for HTTP and port 443 for HTTPS - so things just work with no extra configuration required: Default ports in WSO2 API Cloud Note: for backward compatibility we will keep the old ports 8280 and 8243 also available for another couple of weeks. However, as we will be decommissioning their support in the future, all customers are advised to switch to ports 80/443. Try the new functionality in WSO2 API Cloud now!