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iOS Device Policies in WSO2 Device Cloud Part 1: Enforcing Restrictions

Today, many organizations allow employees to bring their devices to work, which introduces new risks to corporate data as people typically use their devices for work purposes. To minimize the risk of exposing corporate data to unintended parties, organizations may want to manage the devices of their employees and enforce rules or policies on what each user can do with their devices. WSO2 device cloud is capable of managing devices and enforcing strict policies on devices to increase the information security of an organization. In this series of blogs, we’ll explore the policies that are available for iOS devices in WSO2 Device Cloud. First, let’s take a look at device restriction policies.

Passcode Policy

This is one of the most common policies that provide an OS level security to a device. With the passcode policy, administrators can make sure that every user has a strong passcode for their devices and make the user adhere to the rules defined by the administrator when setting up a password. When a passcode policy is set on a device, the device will prompt the users to add a passcode that adheres to the policy.


Restrictions allow the administrator to restrict the devices from performing some actions. For example, the administrator may need to:

  • Disable users from using their cameras within the organization.
  • Disallow iCloud backup to stop any corporate data being backed up to iCloud.
  • Allow voice and video conferencing.

There are over 50 restrictions that iOS restriction policy provides and these policies allow an administrator to have fine grained control over what each use can and cannot do with their iOS devices.

In our next blog, we will explore policies for pre-configured networks and communication.

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