September 15, 2015
3 min read

[VIDEO] New Publisher and Subscriber Experience in WSO2 API Cloud

With the latest updates to WSO2 API Cloud, we have made publishing and subscribing to APIs even easier! Published APIs now just work out of box including interactive API Console (you no longer have to enable OPTIONS method for your APIs or edit Swagger file) - so the number of clicks to get your API published went down dramatically and the process became extremely straight-forward: [embed][/embed] In subscriber portal (API Store) things got simpler as well. Interactive API Console no longer requires you to provide OAuth key manually and just grabs it from your configuration automatically. It also shows you various invocation and response details including the sample Curl command for your API call: [embed][/embed] With these (and many smaller) changes and improvements, your API programs are now even more attractive and easier to implement. Sign up for your free trial at