"Celebrating 7" As Seen By Interns

From the veterans of WSO2 to the newbies…this week we have a top 7 list from our current group of interns at the Colombo office for our ongoing campaign of celebrating 7 years of WSO2. Every year WSO2 trains many interns from the local universities who eventually end up most often working for us too once they graduate.

1. Flat Structure

It is flat as it can ever be. A simple example – at WSO2Con 2011(Where we participated as students) Sanjiva came to the conference room in the middle of a speech. For a seat he had to go through the hall. Instead he sat on the ground while 100s of other employees were sitting in chairs nearby. Then instead of giving a chair to their CEO, one employee took a photo of him to upload to twitter. Nothing else is required to explain how flat the structure is. And truly that is one of the reasons why we choose WSO2 for our internship.

2. Open Culture

Things are pretty cool at WSO2. We can speak and ask help from anyone and they are always ready to help. That is a great advantage for us as we get the chance to talk and work with tycoons of the tech world. Its just amazing.

3. Motivational Working Environment

We can see, that everyone is engaged in their assigned tasks very eagerly. They are driven by their own control and power. Administration operates in such a way (no micro management) that employees truly get the feeling that this is our company.This gives an environment for passionate workers to give their maximum and creative output towards the company.

4. Guidance in the Learning Environment

Mentors are always helpful and willing to guide us on the correct path. So we have a great learning environment as interns.

5. The Way Employees Are Treated

When a company concentrates too much on the end outcome it has to force its employees and get the work done. At WSO2 however we see that employees are highly appreciated and this results in awesome outcomes.

6. Smiling Faces

All the employees here are friendly and we are always greeted with friendly smiles making WSO2 a pleasant place to work.

7. Fun

Having fun while working rather than just working. Occasional laughter is pretty often at WSO2 and Table Tennis, Carom boards and Foosball table will never have a break at lunch and tea times.

– WSO2 Inters 2012: Tishan, Ishara, Pulasthi, Denuwanthi, Thilini, Andun, Harsha, Sameera, Sammera, Sachini, Hasintha, Lasindu, Malinga, Nipuni, Chaamini, Prabath, Isuru, Sajini, Kanarupan, Rajith, Ishan, Buddhima, Hareesan, Sagara, Tharindu

Feel free to post a blog and tweet #mywso2top7 with your top 7 of what WSO2 means to you.