“Celebrating 7” Continues with CTO, Paul

On our ongoing campaign of celebrating 7 years of WSO2, we have CTO, Paul Fremantle’s top 7 of what makes WSO2 great.

1. Our openness

We started open and seven years later we are more open than when we started! Since we started we moved our architecture mailing list out into the public, we do all our development discussion and bug tracking, builds and more in the open. It makes it much easier to collaborate. Of course we still have private bug trackers and email for managing customer information.

2. Our culture

Play hard and work hard. Each year we publish around 50 product releases and many service releases, together with marketing, PR, support and everything else a product takes, and yet we still find time to organize inter-house basketball matches, athletic meets, and even a car rally around Colombo.

3. Our products


4. Our people

We have so many talented people and its simply a pleasure to work with so many bright, dedicated and insightful developers, account managers, marketers, and designers.

5. Our customers

Inspire us to do harder, deeper, more impressive technical solutions every day, and make it a challenge and somewhere where I never get bored.

6. Our vision

We continue to have a vision, that builds off our very first aims, to create a company that makes it easier and more effective to build distributed applications (in the cloud – yeah that is new in the last 7 years!) using a leaner open platform.

7. Our global nature

We really try to operate as a single company worldwide, and we have done since we started with one person in Asia, one in Europe and one in the US. Now we have people in Spain, Canada, Florida as well as Palo Alto and Colombo.

8. Our complete inability to stick to the “rules” and be constrained by the existing marketplace!

Feel free to post a blog and tweet #mywso2top7 with your top 7 of what WSO2 means to you.