“Celebrating 7” with Pictures

I joined WSO2 in the same year it was founded, way back in 2005. Here’s my top 7 of what makes WSO2 cool – in pictures from the last 7 years.

1. Hard working people

2. Getting well deserved recognition

3. Growing from strength to strength

4. Equal opportunities

5. Beyond the office walls and computer screens

6. Not forgetting the less fortunate

7. Fun above all else

Feel free to post a blog and tweet #mywso2top7 with your top 7 of what WSO2 means to you.

One thought on ““Celebrating 7” with Pictures”

  1. This is pretty cool Hasmin. All these photos reminds me of the awesome times we had in WSO2. I honestly think the time I spent on WSO2 was the best time I worked in a company when I was in SL.

    Just to add to the fun part, on photo #1, we were really glad cameras couldn’t capture “smells” as none of us in that picture had brushed our teeth :D. I can still remember that photo was taken by my wife who came to office looking for me, with my toothbrush, as I didn’t go home for almost two days :D :D

    Finally, that team was the best team ever. Equally talented, enthusiastic and more importantly we never gave up until we meet what wanted. We did continuous hackathons waaaay before Facebook :D

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