¡Hola New WSO2 Partners

What do the companies GFI Spain, Ibertech, LightHouse Technology and Services, Open Sistemas, TCP Sistemas, and Ubiquando have in common? Other than being instrumental in delivering localized best-in-class IT solutions using WSO2’s 100% open source middleware in Spain and Latin America, they are all now official WSO2 partners!

We are honored to partner with these premier innovators in the Spanish and Latin American markets in delivering proven SOA and integration solutions tailored to meet the requirements of enterprises in these regions. We are seeing strong investments in agile IT across Spain and Latin America, which is being matched by a rapid increase in demand for our open source WSO2 Carbon and WSO2 Stratos platforms.

These companies will use WSO2’s middleware along with their own software to provide customers with SOA and application integration solutions that can be deployed either on-premise or in the cloud. We’ll be happy to help you engage with any of our partners for your next project.

For more details on these partners and more check out the WSO2 Partners page on our website.