Be an Early Adopter of the WSO2 App Factory

WSO2 App Factory, is a platform for managed application development for the entire lifecycle of your enterprise apps. You can now create, develop, test, verify, deploy to production and retire applications all in one single user interface. With the cloud opening doors to new business models within enterprises and across their partner networks, WSO2 App Factory provides a shared, multi-tenant and elastic cloud-based enterprise DevOps platform.

What this means is that the WSO2 App Factory can accelerates business growth by delivering a self-service development collaboration platform that extends business capabilities across a connected ecosystem of participants which accelerates their business activity. In addition, an App Factory powered Ecosystem PaaS creates business opportunity by enabling lower interaction cost and managed integration across a value web of suppliers, channel partners, distributors, and customers.

CIOs and other senior-level IT executives who have PaaS initiatives would find our new beta program useful to learn more about the WSO2 APP Factory and get early access to foster innovation and enable collaboration among business units and/or with partners.

The team and I are presenting a 3-part webinar series this month introducing WSO2 App Factory and how it can be used in your enterprise. For more details and to register for the sessions, please visit

Feel free to explore the preview version as well We’d love to hear your feedback and comments.

Dimuthu Leelarathne, WSO2 App Factory Product Lead

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