WSO2 and SUSE: An Open Source Stack That Extends to the Cloud

On June 12th, WSO2 and SUSE announced an alliance that ensures that customers using SUSE and WSO2 technologies together have a seamless experience:

  • A recommended commercially supported, open source stack spanning from OS to middleware
  • Synchronized releases
  • Coordinated support
  • Reference architecture for cloud

We’re very excited to be working with SUSE, for a number of reasons, of which I’ll limit myself to just three:

1) The partnership provides a greater audience for WSO2 technology as an alternative to JBoss — including areas where we have products not available in the RedHat/JBoss platform (API Management, Governance, Business Activity Monitoring backed by Big Data technologies), areas where we think we have a demonstrably stronger or more innovative offering (Enterprise Service Bus, Identity Server), and areas where we believe our vision for solving the new enterprise challenges is worthy of consideration (componentized middleware, PaaS, DevOps, BigData, API management, Mobile.)  For a more detailed comparison of WSO2 and RedHat/JBoss platforms you might want to read Chris Haddad’s high-level comparison at

2) Alignment of cloud strategy.  SUSE has been a groundbreaker in launching an open source IaaS offering SUSE Cloud, based on OpenStack. We’re honored SUSE has chosen to recommend WSO2 Stratos as the preferred PaaS to use with SUSE Cloud.  Together we’ve published a WSO2-SUSE Cloud Reference Architecture to help people get started using these two technologies together to bring the advantages of private cloud to all levels of the stack.

3) SUSE and WSO2 are great matches on the culture front.  While SUSE has a longer history of powering enterprises than WSO2, our cultures of openness, innovation, and deep customer relationships make us natural allies.  Our customers have similar characteristics and distribution around the world.  And each of us is on a mission to compete aggressively for the #1 spot in our industries!

I can’t tell you how much I’ve personally enjoyed working with a broad set of the SUSE team and am certain we will continue to deepen our relationship over the coming years with the joint aim of increasing customer delight!

Jonathan Marsh, VP Business Development