Strategic Alliances for the Win

Partnering with WSO2 is a win-win-win.  System Integrators can pair their implementation talents with the advanced capabilities of the WSO2 platform and our expert support services to build customer solutions with higher value.  With the open source license and the productivity of the platform, these projects can be more profitable and repeatable for the integrator.  And WSO2 support business expands to more customers.  Everyone wins!

2013 saw significant growth in our partner program, and we continue to expand that even more vigorously in 2014!  We are working closely with partners around the world on some innovative projects with fascinating customers.

One of the success stories of 2013 is Yenlo, a Netherlands-based integrator who found the WSO2 platform a better business proposition than the old-guard proprietary stacks.  Yenlo has deployed WSO2-based projects at multiple customer sites, extended the ESB with an ebMS adapter, built a simple appliance, and started offering fully hosted services.  One of these success stories is detailed in a new case study now available on the WSO2 web site.  The decision to focus on the WSO2 platform has contributed to Yenlo’s rapid growth.  They now are expanding beyond the Netherlands with new offices in five other countries in Europe and North America.

In recognition of all this momentum, and our efforts to continue and accelerate it, we have announced a Strategic Alliance.  This status recognizes the broad investments and success that Yenlo has achieved, and helps us team up on broader opportunities to promote and deploy Yenlo implementations and WSO2 technology to more customers worldwide.

If you are a partner, I hope you see the Yenlo success as a demonstration of the power that WSO2 can bring to your bottom line.  The need for next-generation open source solutions is vast – and the pool of opportunities only continues to grow!  If you are an user, I encourage you to contact Yenlo or any of our other partners when you need an expert partner for your WSO2 project.  We are always happy to provide introductions!  After all, it’s a win-win-win.

– Jonathan Marsh, Vice President of Business Development, WSO2