We Head to Strata 2014 This Week

This week we head to Strata 2014 taking place in Santa Clara, CA. The O’Reilly event for the data community kicks off tomorrow, where WSO2 is a Exabyte sponsor. I will be presenting the talk “Tracking a Soccer Game with Big Data”  on Wednesday the 12th of February at 4.50 p.m.

My session is based on the annual DEBS event processing challenge last year which included a data set generated by a real soccer match in which sensors were placed in the soccer ball and players’ shoes.  We used complex event processing (CEP) and MapReduce based technologies for this challenge to track and process data, achieving throughput in excess of 100,000 events/sec. I will detail how we extended the solution to conduct batch processing using business activity monitoring (BAM) using the same framework, enabling users to obtain both instant analytics as well as more detailed batch processing based results.

Late last year we released WSO2 Complex Event Processor (CEP) 3.0 and WSO2 Business Activity Monitor (BAM) 2.4. Working together, the integrated WSO2 products provide the industry’s first solution for enabling data streams to be analyzed simultaneously in real-time (with WSO2 CEP 3.0) and via batch processing (with WSO2 BAM 2.4). As a result, enterprises have unprecedented flexibility for analyzing the vast streams of events coming into the organization to gain valuable insights into their business.

See here for more details about the WSO2 Platform for big data analytics or sign up for the upcoming webinar series where we will examine how IT professionals can collect, analyze and visualize big data in real-time models and off-line decision support models using WSO2 BAM and WSO2 CEP.

As a special give-away at Strata, we hope to give out the latest Apple Mac Pro to one lucky winner who drops by our booth! So if you are planning on attending the conference, come on over to booth #901. I’ll be happy talk about how you can address your big data challenges too.

– Dr. Srinath Perera, Director of Research at WSO2