Nine and Counting…

Setting out on a revolutionary journey 9 years ago, ex-IBMers Sanjiva and Paul founded WSO2 to rethink middleware as we know it. Right from the start WSO2’s vision was to

  • Be the #1 middleware company in the world
  • Build a complete enterprise middleware platform
  • Be 100% open source with no gimmicks
  • Operate as a global company
  • Follow the Apache Way as the way for everything

Today the 375+ strong team, operating from 4 different offices and many other home locations across the world, help customers become powerful Connected Businesses.

A Connected Business is one that can be agile in today’s world of rapid evolution and change. The WSO2 platform includes all the technology components required, from integration, API, big data analytics, security, and governance to cloud and mobile; all on a single code base, to build an environment that accelerates interactions inside and outside the organization.

Check out Sanjiva’s keynote address at the recently concluded WSO2Con in Barcelona, Spain for more on WSO2’s vision and strategy for the future.

Also watch out for more fun pictures of how we are celebrating 9 years on our Facebook page.