WSO2 Governance Registry 5.2.0 released!

We have a new version of WSO2 Governance Registry!

WSO2 G-Reg 5.2.0 – this new version – is more focused on delivering a good user experience with enabling some of the features, which are there in the publisher to store users as well. Search has been improved to empower both store and publisher users.

Meet your dependencies. Visually.   

Governance Center store now comes with the ability to graphically visualize your dependencies. With this, you can easily check the impact of a change to an artifact using the dependency visualization  (dependency graph) option prior to changing the artifact. You can also filter resources based on the association type and search for artifacts based on the dependency type.

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Having to work with multiple versions of the same asset sometimes leads to chaos and users end up not knowing which version to be used to cater his/her requirement. WSO2 G-Reg 5.2.0 comes with graphical diff-view support for Governance Center Store, which allows you to inspect the changes among different version of an asset.

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Better asset searching

We’ve made some pretty important improvements to search, including providing helper text during search.

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There’s also search history, which means you can now reuse your previously used search queries – altogether a more Google experience than ever before. Privacy buffs among you will be pleased to know you can change the number of history items using the management console.  

Asset loading/ listing has never been this fast

We’re continuously working on making our products work faster. In G-Reg 5.2.0, we’ve have a major performance gain in both Store and Publisher applications. Loading of landing pages and asset listing pages are now been significantly improved.   

greg - 3WSO2 Governance Registry is perhaps the best open source product for storing, cataloging, indexing, managing and governing your enterprise metadata. But don’t just take our word for it – you can download it from here and try it out for yourself. To learn more about the product and its use cases, check out our product documentation.