WSO2 ESB 5.0 is now in beta!

We’re excited to announce WSO2 Enterprise Service Bus 5.0 beta! This recent release of WSO2 ESB 5.0 reflects the recent changes introduced by our new product strategy that ships Analytics and Tooling with the Runtime. WSO2 ESB 5.0 will be the first release shipped with all three distributions.

The new version also includes several new functionalities: here’s a breakdown of what it offers.

Monitoring with ESB Analytics


ESB analytics component lets you publish data related to ESB processing and visually represent statistics on a dashboard. It enables DevOps teams to monitor mediation statistics such as system performance and drill down further into statistics to identify bottlenecks in message failures.

Proactive bug hunts

The Mediation Debugger tool enables developers to find errors in mediation flows and rectify them. The functionality goes further to allow developers to easily view, edit or delete properties and the payload of messages passing through each mediator. 

Transforming data visually


The newly introduced WSO2 Data Mapper tool allows developers to convert to data types from/to JSON, XML, and CSV. It’s intuitive nature and visual design (based on WSO2 Developer Studio) improves usability for developers and makes data transformation easier than before.

More integration use cases!

With WSO2 ESB 5.0.0 (beta) users are capable of more integration use cases, using the new JMS 2.0 transport capabilities and WebSockets to enable near-real-time communication for IoT, mobile and web scenarios.

Download the latest beta version here, and let us know what you think! We welcome your feedback.