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WSO2Con 2013 CFP Now Open

It might be a bit of a challenge to get an elephant to cross London Bridge but WSO2Con will be just as exciting in 2013 as it has been in the past few years!

Our annual user conference takes place February 12 – 14, in London, UK with a simultaneous live stream event in Colombo, Sri Lanka. With presentations from both cities, interactive Q & A sessions and panel discussions, this year’s agenda hopes to provide an excellent opportunity to explore WSO2 products, learn how others are using WSO2 middleware and connect with peers and experts.

Call for papers is now open with an extended deadline of October 14, 2012. We invite you to submit a talk on any topic related to using WSO2 products for integration, SOA, API, mobile, data and analytics, application development, governance, business services, cloud computing, and REST. If you don’t see your particular area covered in this list, do send in your proposals anyway. We would love to hear your unique WSO2 case study or experience.

For more details and updates on WSO2Con 2013 you can follow us on twitter, like us on Facebook or keep an eye on the event website.

WSO2 Cloud Summer School Kicks Off This Week

Here’s a great way to start your Summer. Since 2009, the popular WSO2 Summer School program has helped enterprise IT architects and developers become more familiar with service-oriented architecture (SOA) technologies and best practices. The all-new classes for 2012 will focus on the cloud: from selecting a cloud platform to developing cloud applications, scaling cloud deployments, and demonstrating cloud value.

We start off with a session on Selecting a Cloud Application Platform on June 12th followed by

Watch this video by lead presenter Chris Haddad, who brings more than a decade of expertise in cloud and platform-as-a-service (PaaS), on what you can expect to learn.

Hasmin AbdulCader,
Director, Communications

November Workshops go Global

The November WSO2 Workshop event schedule is the broadest and deepest yet, spanning five continents and seven different countries.  If you are planning to attend, I’m sure you will agree with our prior workshop attendees that the event is well worth it.  More on the workshop format and who should attend here.
View WSO2 Workshops – November 2011 in a larger map

Many of these workshops feature Paul Fremantle (WSO2 CTO) and Ganesh Prasad (author of the popular Practical SOA for Solution Architects paper. Here’s the complete November schedule – check out our events page for registration and more information.

  • Nov 1st: Belo Horizonte – Minas Gerais, Brazil “Understanding the Stratos Cloud Platform”
  • Nov 5th: Sao Paolo, Brazil “Understanding the Stratos Cloud Platform”
  • Nov 8th: Vancouver, BC, Canada “Carbon and Stratos: understanding cloud-enabled modular middleware”
  • Nov 14th: Melbourne, Australia “Practical SOA for the Solution Architect”
  • Nov 15th: San Francisco, CA, USA “Carbon and Stratos: understanding cloud-enabled modular middleware”
  • Nov 17th: Sydney, Australia “Practical SOA for the Solution Architect”
  • Nov 21th: Canberra, Australia “Practical SOA for the Solution Architect”
  • Nov 22nd: Frankfurt, Germany “Carbon and Stratos: understanding cloud-enabled modular middleware”
  • Nov 24nd: Geneva, Switzerland “Carbon and Stratos: understanding cloud-enabled modular middleware”
  • Nov 26th (tentative): Colombo, Sri Lanka “Carbon and Stratos: understanding cloud-enabled modular middleware”

Not in your area? Let us know where you’d like to see workshops (either public ones or private ones for your organization). Our schedule continues to expand – so if you can’t make it to any of the ones above, we’d love to explore holding one in your area too.

Jonathan Marsh, VP Business Development and Product Design
Jonathan’s blog:

Boston forecast: Cloudy with a chance of insight

I’ll be speaking at the Wall Street Technology Association event in Boston October 27th titled “Cloud Computing in Financial Services.”  I’m presenting an interesting idea that we’ve seen emerging among our WSO2 Stratos adopters.  Here’s the abstract:

Beyond exposing APIs: Exposing your data and services through a Vertical PaaS

“Adopters of cloud platforms expect scalability, high utilization rates, better analytics for their internal applications, and conversion of capex expenses to opex. In addition to these we are seeing a demand where adopters are seeking more – cloud offerings not just providing an API to their services but a complete ‘Vertical PaaS’ including third-party application hosting with direct access to the core data and services of the organization. Offering a development and hosting platform deeply integrated with their data and services rather than a simple Web API increases the potential for monetization and wider application of their service assets. This talk introduces the concepts and motivations behind this idea and provides a few customer data points that may be early indicators of an emerging trend.”

Hope to see you there!

Jonathan Marsh, VP Business Development and Product Design
Jonathan’s blog:

WSO2Con 2011 was a real Tweet!

WSO2Con 2011 is winding down – last set of tutorials conclude today.  I may be biased but IMO this has been the best technology conference I’ve ever attended.  Great speakers from around the world, lots of insight and frank discussion, tons of intra-conference networking and info sharing, fabulous keynotes, and a great mix of the practical and the visionary.  And the conference organization was … outstanding?  impeccable?  jawdropping? … I’m kind of speechless!  You’d think our WSO2 event team had been doing this for decades.

And ripples of the event went out well beyond Water’s Edge – hundreds of sessions were viewed live through the simultaneous webcast (recordings will be available at some point.)  Facebook pictures are still popping up from dozens of attendees (what was the last tech conference you went to that included elephant rides?)  And twitter was going nuts – #WSO2con was used over 1000 times, and broke the top 100 of trending topics during the conference.  So I’d thought I’d share a few highlights as expressed through some of my favorite tweets:




(Paul answering a question about how we can compete technically against IBM’s R&D budget.)


(The question was about how we assign “resources” to projects and tasks.)


(Samisa talking about how a company of our size builds the impressive number of “products” and services that we do.)



(That’s on two units over the first two months of deployment, equal to approx 250K US $ – a very cool iPod-based point-of-sale app modeled after the Apple Store experience – read the just-released case study.)


(During Shankar’s building of a complete application in StratosLive during his session.)


(Dimitry made heavy use of free public forums during his evaluation and development.)



Just a small taste – start planning now not to miss WSO2Con 2012.  I won’t miss it for anything!

Jonathan Marsh, VP Business Development and Product Design
Jonathan’s blog:

WSO2Con 2011 – More than just another tech conference

You’ve probably seen the agenda which has over 22 guest speakers and over 30 presentations covering the unique convergence of SOA, Open Source software, mobile and cloud computing, along with IT strategies for improving productivity and competing in a global economy.

You’ve also probably taken note of the stellar keynote sessions taking place on all three days of the conference by distinguished guests from IBM, eBay, Google and Cognizant Technologies.

What you probably don’t know yet is that WSO2Con 2011 is more than just a technology conference.

Held in the beautifully landscaped Waters Edge Resort, amidst a golf course, the 3 day conference also includes the most entertaining evening networking sessions you’ll ever come across.

Day 1: Cultural performances that showcase Sri Lanka’s rich set of cultural dances that are diverse and unique. From lithe graceful movements to the more vigorous, they reflect the complex rhythms of various drum beats. There is also a special appearance of a jumbo guest that should not be missed!

Jam with the WSO2 crew on Day 2. The team has been tuning up guitar strings, and vocal cords for an evening of smooth tunes and moving local flare. Even if you don’t play an instrument or have a voice of a nightingale, you can still join in the fun by singing and clapping along.

Ending the conference in style, one of the biggest names in the Sri Lankan music industry will perform. Mixing Sinhala, Tamil and English lyrics in their originals, bringing out their contemporary style and revolutionary music, this internationally acclaimed duo will make the evening definitely one to remember!

Can’t be here live? No problem, watch all sessions online, as and when they happen. Log in to starting at 9PM Pacific time tonight!

Hasmin AbdulCader, Director, Marketing

WSO2Con and the Small World

WSO2Con 2011 starts next week in Colombo, Sri Lanka – and no matter where you are in the world, it’s not too late to participate!

We’re very excited at the scope of this year’s conference – we have speakers and guest speakers from Sri Lanka of course, but also from across the world.  When we opened the call for papers, we were astonished at the results.  Users from Russia, Chile, Mexico, Canada, the Ukraine, New Zealand, even Cuba responded with interesting case studies and session topics.

WSO2Con 2011 features three full days of sessions – although I’m having trouble choosing which of the two tracks to attend!  And bookending the conference two full days of tutorials are available.  Keynotes by Dr. Mohan of IBM, Gregor Hohpe of Google, and Sastry Malladi of eBay, all folks with compelling experience that we love to introduce to the wider WSO2 community.

So, with such an impressive program, isn’t Colombo a bit of an odd choice for a venue?  Not really. WSO2 users – as well as employees! – come from around the world.  There isn’t a single place that would be convenient for all of them.  Where ever we bring the conference, many attendees need to travel.  And with Sri Lanka being one of the world’s top travel destinations (#1 in New York Times for 2010), isn’t it an excellent choice?  And believe me, our event team really knows how to deliver a memorable event that goes beyond the conference rooms!

Still on the fence?  Let us know how we can help tip the scale and get you to Sri Lanka to join us for this exciting global event.  But act quickly – folks around the world are already packing.

Jonathan Marsh, VP Business Development and Marketing
Jonathan’s blog:

Recognizing the Stars

No, this post is not about the Golden Globe Awards. This post is about another special awards ceremony that also took place last weekend — the annual WSO2 Awards Night!

Every year here at WSO2 we pay tribute to the top outstanding contributors. The entire team  really contains a whole bunch of stars but some do shine especially bright. Without their passion, commitment, and attitude to shine the extra mile, we would not have come this far in redefining middleware and providing support services matched by no other.

Like the Globes we’ve got a bunch of categories too: Outstanding Contributor of the Year, Customer Delight, and Outstanding Team of the Year.

And this years’ winners were … drum roll please …

Outstanding Contributor Award: Samisa, Azeez, Supun, Buddhika, Charitha, Saminda, Milinda, Evanthika, Krishantha, Chathuri, Padmika, Janath, Devaka, Shankar, Sumedha, Udeshika

Customer Delight Award: Prabath, Senaka, Hiranya, Asanka Abeysinghe, Chamith, Kasun, Nirosh

And the Outstanding Team of the Year Award goes to … the QA Team, for putting out 46 releases, about 150 patches, and 16 cloud releases, while remaining (mostly) sane.  Incredible work!

This year for the first time, we also gave out long service awards for those who’ve been in the Company for five years, which is practically since its inception. There were nine long-timers in total, including yours truly! :)

Its been a great team to work with and each year only gets better than the one before. So here’s to another outstanding year — 2011 here we come!

Hasmin AbdulCader, WSO2 Director of Marketing

Hasmin’s tweets:

Get Ready for Summer – SOA Style

As you gear up for summer, sign up for our ever-popular SOA Summer School program starting in June.

No idea what SOA Summer School is? Well it’s a two-month program that offers weekly online sessions on various topics relating to enterprise SOA. We started WSO2 SOA Summer School in 2009 to help IT architects and developers beat the recession and update their knowledge and insights into the latest SOA technologies and best practices. We got such great feedback, we ran it again last year and are expanding it with brand new content this year.


While we’ve covered basic technology in the previous sessions, this year we focus on practical solutions to real world challenges faced by enterprises today. We’ll showcase WSO2-based solutions, from security to governance to enterprise integration and cloud. We’ve also changed the format a little bit as well — the sessions are now more intensive and only two hours long.

Here’s the list of sessions that you can sign up for by going to

  • Security policy enforcement for the enterprise
  • Identity Management in the Cloud
  • End-to-end governance in the enterprise
  • Enterprise integration with SAP and WSO2 ESB
  • Enterprise Integration with the FIX Protocol
  • Mobile-izing enterprises with the WSO2 Mobile Services Gateway
  • Master Data Management in your SOA
  • Platform-as-a-Service: The WSO2 way
  • Wrap-up: The Best of Summer School 2011

Here the link to the press release we issued this week, for more info.

Hasmin AbdulCader, Director, Marketing

Think Again.

Tomorrow at the Forrester Enterprise Architecture Forum 2011 (WSO2 is a Gold Sponsor and talking about Ultra-scale deployments) we are launching a new campaign – the “Think Again” campaign.  The theme of our booth and materials is:
Think there’s nothing new in middleware? Think Again.
This campaign idea originated during a conversation we had recently during an investor analysis of WSO2 technology and business.  The comment was “WSO2 is the only new thing in the middleware space.”  We received similar excitement from analysts over our platform at the Gartner AADI conference last year, a recognition that our deliverables today match the Platform-as-a-Service vision predicted at the conference for five years out.

The foundations of this claim are solid:

  • Our lean and modular approach is unique and provides clear customer value.
  • Our cloud-native platform gives you a full range of deployment options, from on-premise server installations, virtualized environments on- or off-premise, or fully multi-tenant, elastic cloud deployments on public or private infrastructure.
  • And our open source business model and world-class support services raise the bar on software vendor-customer relationships.

A small taste of the campaign is available at

So, think we’re just a low-cost alternative to IBM, Oracle, Tibco, and the rest?  Think again.

Jonathan Marsh, VP Business Development and Marketing
Jonathan’s blog: