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“Celebrating 7” Continues with CTO, Paul

On our ongoing campaign of celebrating 7 years of WSO2, we have CTO, Paul Fremantle’s top 7 of what makes WSO2 great.

1. Our openness

We started open and seven years later we are more open than when we started! Since we started we moved our architecture mailing list out into the public, we do all our development discussion and bug tracking, builds and more in the open. It makes it much easier to collaborate. Of course we still have private bug trackers and email for managing customer information.

2. Our culture

Play hard and work hard. Each year we publish around 50 product releases and many service releases, together with marketing, PR, support and everything else a product takes, and yet we still find time to organize inter-house basketball matches, athletic meets, and even a car rally around Colombo.

3. Our products


4. Our people

We have so many talented people and its simply a pleasure to work with so many bright, dedicated and insightful developers, account managers, marketers, and designers.

5. Our customers

Inspire us to do harder, deeper, more impressive technical solutions every day, and make it a challenge and somewhere where I never get bored.

6. Our vision

We continue to have a vision, that builds off our very first aims, to create a company that makes it easier and more effective to build distributed applications (in the cloud – yeah that is new in the last 7 years!) using a leaner open platform.

7. Our global nature

We really try to operate as a single company worldwide, and we have done since we started with one person in Asia, one in Europe and one in the US. Now we have people in Spain, Canada, Florida as well as Palo Alto and Colombo.

8. Our complete inability to stick to the “rules” and be constrained by the existing marketplace!

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Celebrating 7 with Jonathan Marsh

7 years ago this month WSO2 was founded on the belief that there was a better way to do middleware. Today WSO2 has not only reinvented the technology but also support models, business relationships and corporate culture.

As a tribute to the past 7 years of continuous  excellence we will feature the top 7 lists of what it means to be part of this unique company.

We start off with Jonathan’s top 7 and will publish more in the coming weeks.

1. Truly global

From day one where the founder’s “virtual garage” was on three continents, to serving customers around the world, to hiring the best folks wherever they reside, WSO2 shows what it means to operate in today’s global environment.

2. Talent pool

WSO2’s status as one of the premier “creative” organizations in Colombo attracts the cream of the hottest talent for its development team, and retains them with a meritocratic, Silicon Valley-style entrepreneurial culture.

3. Focus on employee first, job second

We know that it’s often more important to have the right attitude, ambition, and raw talent than a credential that matches a static job description.  WSO2 team members regularly adapt and grow in ways that build an exciting career – and redouble their value to WSO2!

4. Pure balls

Taking on the likes of Oracle and IBM in terms of a superior technical vision is no small feat.  Yet that’s what WSO2 was founded to do.  In many ways we’ve already surpassed them, for instance with modularity and cloud nativity, but we also make strides every day to surpass them in customer satisfaction, reliability and responsiveness, fit-for-purpose, and one day in market share ;-).

5. Work globally, help locally

WSO2 consciously strives not just to succeed financially, but never forgets what that success is for: it translates into fulfilling employment, assistance to local enterprises, contribution to the industry and industry groups, presenting models for a “creative economy” in Sri Lanka, and promoting many charitable efforts to lift those around us in need.

6. An honest customer relationship

We’re pushing the envelope on what the software vendor/customer relationship should be – a cooperative model.  We’ve constructed our business model so that we partner with our customers to solve their problems efficiently and effectively – Apache licensed open source shares the code with customers, a menu of services targets a customer’s need directly, pricing that is drop-dead simple, no use of secret discounting structures to squeeze more money from some customers than others, no commissioned salespeople who have incentives to push further than the customer can benefit from.  Simple, straightforward value is our model, not restrictions or gimmicks.

7. Some great, great people at the helm

Paul and Sanjiva continue to amaze, our technical leadership under Samisa, Azeez, Shankar, Prabath, Asanka, and so many others always exceed expectations, and our new hires like Chris and Isabelle are rocking their jobs.  Our customers love these guys – and we get to work with them every day!

Feel free to post a blog and tweet #mywso2top7 with your top 7 of what WSO2 means to you.