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What the … you just gave away WSO2 Stratos?!

Yes we did!

Careful observers over in the Apache Software Foundation may have noticed the proposal to create an incubator group to work on what will become Apache Stratos (yes we are also donating the Stratos name.)  This week the project was accepted as an incubator project, which does not mean Apache Stratos is a full-fledged top-level project yet but the process of building a broad community to work on the project is well underway.

So what’s up with WSO2 Stratos?  Are we parking it at Apache while we focus elsewhere?  Is this the beginning of the end for Stratos?

Not at all!  The truth is exactly the opposite — we’re doubling down hard on Stratos, which evidence suggests has the potential to have a wider impact in the industry.  To do that we’ve released a new version that is more cleanly architected to support an ecosystem of vendors at all levels: IaaS providers, cloud automation and tooling plugins, and middleware vendors (more about the Stratos 2 launch here.)  Stratos was also recently recommended by SUSE as their preferred PaaS solution on top of SUSE Cloud.  Stratos has been gaining momentum!

But for Stratos to realize the potential of this momentum we know we have to double down not just on our efforts to build the best PaaS framework, but also on making it the most open.  We already of course are committed to a high degree of openness: the Apache 2.0 License, open development and architecture lists, and adopting the Apache process for allowing external committers to all our projects.  But we knew we could do more!

Moving the project over to the Apache Software Foundation makes it easier for other organizations and individuals to contribute to the project under the neutral and respected umbrella of Apache.  It raises the awareness of the project within the industry to attract new contributors.  And it puts the project closer to many established Apache projects that users would like to access within a PaaS framework.

By opening up the project and working together we can build a PaaS framework that can be used more broadly, which continues the virtuous cycle and ensures Stratos continues to reach for the clouds.

So what exactly are we donating?  The core Stratos PaaS framework, which includes the cloud controller which orchestrates VMs through jclouds using an underlying IaaS of your choice, the code that deploys the right middleware and tenant artifacts to the underlying VMs, the service monitor, and tenant-aware elastic load balancer.  In addition we’re contributing a set of core services for logging, billing, security, registry, messaging, as well as the cartridge framework which allows WSO2 and third-party runtimes to be plugged into the PaaS.  We’re donating the cartridges that wrap PHP, MySQL, and Tomcat as well.  WSO2 Carbon middleware cartridges will continue to be available for download from WSO2 under the Apache License.

I expect the project home page will be up shortly, and the mail archives at http://mail-archives.apache.org/mod_mbox/incubator-stratos-dev/ are busy with organizational matters.  Come check it out and join the Stratos movement!

Jonathan Marsh, VP Business Development
blog: http://jonathanmarsh.net/blog