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Charting New Territories in Defense Systems

This is an exciting time to be involved in defense computing technology.  We are at a critical point in defense system architecture, one where the WSO2 technology stack is uniquely situated to play a pivotal role.

I was excited to join the WSO2 team as Director of Defense and Government Solutions earlier this year. I’ve spent the better part of 25 years both using and designing defense systems ranging from precision-guided munitions and unmanned aerial vehicles to those supporting amphibious warfare and humanitarian demining.

WSO2 software represents a disruptive, transformative capability that could allow the US defense and intelligence communities to both leverage legacy systems and develop new ones in an agile and sustainable manner.  This is especially relevant in an environment of contracting defense budgets.

In the next few months I will be crafting WSO2’s strategy for this new sector as well as engaging my colleagues in the defense community in an effort to introduce them to the capabilities offered by WSO2 technology.  To this end, I’ve written 2 white papers

  1. Engagements: The Role of the Middleware Vendor in the Defence Industry – outlines how the advent of open source middleware creates the conditions for a new revolution in military affairs.
  2. Integration Platforms and App Factories: The Transformation of Legacy Defense Systems – explores how service-oriented architecture (SOA) principles around granular, modular, composable and interoperable services—applied either on the platform or the cloud—can overcome infrastructural challenges within legacy defense systems.

I also presented a talk at WSO2Con 2013 in London earlier this year on the topic “Sharpening the Spearpoint: Empowering the Edge Through SOA”. A recording of this talk can be found here.

There’s lots more to come – the subject is important, relevant and timely and I believe that one of the best ways I can serve the defense and intelligence communities is to publish my thoughts in a way that will start the dialogue rolling. I’ve got a regular blog at www.adamfirestone.org for anyone who’s interested.

– Adam Firestone, Director, Defense and Government Solutions