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WSO2Con Insights – How Boeing Transformed Commercial Aviation Using WSO2

Keeping airplanes in the air and operating safely and efficiently is the job of Boeing’s commercial aviation division—specifically, the service known as Boeing Edge, which provides support and service to the manufacturer’s aviation customer base.

As Boeing senior product manager Jim Crabbe explained at WSO2Con US 2013, providing this level of agile, informed service, and allowing customers to share information among many disparate systems, brought about the need for platform as a service (PaaS), which is powered by WSO2 software.

“Our Boeing Edge solutions need to help customers’ planes spend less time on the ground, and more time in the air,” Crabbe said. “For airlines, time is of the essence, and creating operational efficiency requires connecting people, processes, and sources of data.”

Boeing’s job, Crabbe explained, is to reduce the complexity of these mission-critical processes. “Some airlines are running very old applications and systems, but they work and they’re solid,” Crabbe said. “The cost of moving those systems to a new state is large, and could disrupt their operation.

That’s where Boeing has taken on these challenges to help our customers—how to break free from their data, and how to integrate better with the applications and products we provide to them, to create business process-driven workflows and new applications.”

Boeing chose the entire stack of WSO2 solutions for its PaaS—including WSO2 Private PaaS and WSO2 Carbon multi-tenant enterprise middleware products—because of WSO2’s reputation, and its commitment to open source.

“Our development direction has always been a service-oriented architecture, so we use open-source modular solutions whenever possible,” Crabbe said. “We like to leverage emerging technologies and try to stay vendor-agnostic because our customer ecosystem uses a wide variety of tools and software. That’s where working with WSO2 has been so advantageous.”

By using WSO2 solutions to build its PaaS solution, Crabbe observed that Boeing has been able to leverage the advantages of the cloud, such as elasticity and scalability, helping the company to deliver services in a consistent manner. “For example,” Crabbe said, “We can tie in line mechanics with maintenance systems, and allow users to upload pictures and other documentation, and integrate it with the back-office system of the airline.”

Deploying a flexible PaaS built on WSO2’s modular solutions helps Boeing maintain the agility it needs to support its customers, Crabbe noted: “We need to be able to continue to innovate, and we can’t be afraid to try something new.”

Another way Boeing provides value, Crabbe told attendees, is with data governance. “That means the right data to the right person for the problem at hand,” Crabbe told attendees. “You have to put your data governance process in place and protect your API, but enable people to do the work they need to do.”

For more information about Boeing’s use of WSO2’s platform, view Crabbe’s WSO2Con US 2013 presentation.

Lets Talk Business Agility for Your Next Generation Enterprise

We are happy to announce that WSO2 is a Prime Time Sponsor at GigaOm Structure 2013, taking place in San Francisco next month.  The 2-day conference explores how real-time business needs are shaping IT architectures.

I will be there to present a workshop on Achieving business agility with cloud APIs, cloud-aware apps, and cloud DevOps PaaS. You can also meet the team and get a preview of  new developments in our cloud PaaS and DevOps offerings, at the WSO2 booth.

Recently I’ve been talking a lot about business agility. With today’s “Now Generation”, business stakeholders, who drive revenue growth and customer retention, desire to rapidly seize opportunity and market share.  They often view IT timeframes and capabilities as a poor match for today’s fast business-pace. My webinar last week with David Linthicum addressed some of these concerns. We talked about

  • A path towards agile IT through the use of new approaches and emerging technology
  • New concepts around DevOps improvement
  • The use of emerging PaaS technology
  • Agility best practices that will guide you to success

If you missed out, the slides and recording are avaialble here: http://wso2.org/library/webinars/2013/05/accelerate-business-agility-paas

If you are in the area, I would be more than happy to talk about how we can help, at Structure 2013.

– Chris Haddad is VP of Technology Evangelism at WSO2. He blogs at http://blog.cobia.net/cobiacomm/

Be an Early Adopter of the WSO2 App Factory

WSO2 App Factory, is a platform for managed application development for the entire lifecycle of your enterprise apps. You can now create, develop, test, verify, deploy to production and retire applications all in one single user interface. With the cloud opening doors to new business models within enterprises and across their partner networks, WSO2 App Factory provides a shared, multi-tenant and elastic cloud-based enterprise DevOps platform.

What this means is that the WSO2 App Factory can accelerates business growth by delivering a self-service development collaboration platform that extends business capabilities across a connected ecosystem of participants which accelerates their business activity. In addition, an App Factory powered Ecosystem PaaS creates business opportunity by enabling lower interaction cost and managed integration across a value web of suppliers, channel partners, distributors, and customers.

CIOs and other senior-level IT executives who have PaaS initiatives would find our new beta program useful to learn more about the WSO2 APP Factory and get early access to foster innovation and enable collaboration among business units and/or with partners.

The team and I are presenting a 3-part webinar series this month introducing WSO2 App Factory and how it can be used in your enterprise. For more details and to register for the sessions, please visit http://wso2.com/landing/app-factory-webinar-series/

Feel free to explore the preview version as well https://appfactorypreview.wso2.com. We’d love to hear your feedback and comments.

Dimuthu Leelarathne, WSO2 App Factory Product Lead

Read Dimuthu’s Blog http://muthulee.blogspot.com