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WSO2 ELB, Meet Nginx Plus

Today we announced a change-up of the WSO2 product line.

We developed the WSO2 Elastic Load Balancer in order to help support early versions of WSO2 Stratos (now Apache Stratos), in particular to satisfy the need for the load balancing functions supporting the elasticity of the system to themselves be elastic.  Over time however, these elastic capabilities were handled elsewhere and the WSO2 ELB just became functionally an “LB” despite our tardiness to update the product name.

The WSO2 ELB was based on a stripped down WSO2 Enterprise Service Bus and had some success among our customers.  However, even more of our customers were using Nginx with excellent results, better performance, and lower overall cost.  Nginx has emerged as the standards-bearer of open source load balancers.

Well, if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em!  And thus we have begun the process of deprecating support for the ELB and the migration of existing customers over to Nginx.

WSO2 has entered an agreement with Nginx to make this transition easy for our customers – and for helping new customers to take advantage of this solution.  WSO2 now resells Nginx Plus subscriptions so there customers have a single source of procurement if working with two vendors adds complication.  WSO2 will provide first-line support for Nginx Plus through the same WSO2 support system so there is a single “throat to choke” for support queries across the WSO2 platform and Nginx.  WSO2 has access to back-end support from Nginx so that we have full access to the primary source experts in this area.

We’re looking forward to working with Nginx to keep your WSO2 deployments performing at top capacity, reliability, and efficiency, and to continue to provide the enterprise-class support that makes our platform compelling to hundreds of customers worldwide.

Jonathan Marsh
VP Strategy, WSO2

WSO2 Products: Summer Release Round-up

Couple of weeks ago, CTO Paul Fremantle and Tech Evangelist Chris Haddad, conducted a webinar on the innovative advancements of the WSO2 Carbon middleware and WSO2 Stratos cloud platforms. Here are some highlights from their presentation

  • WSO2 Carbon core 4.0 released with many improvement and new features
    • Enhanced Deployment Synchronizer
    • Deployment performance improvements
    • Managements and worker node separation
    • JDK 1.7 support
    • Better integration with Tomcat 7
    • Upgrading Equinox SDK (OSGI Runtime) to v3.7
    • P2 Repository: Features grouped by product
    • Multi Tenancy in Carbon
“The Carbon platform is your reconfigurable modular middleware. Recently we’ve seen lots more customers actually wanting to de-couple different parts of a product to vertically scale while at the same time horizontally scaling. This capability is proving to be a major benefit of the Carbon platform.”
– Paul Fremantle  
“We are rapidly evolving all of our products simultaneously on top of single cohesive code base. This is unparalleled in the industry to have such coordinated releases on a single platform.”
– Chris Haddad
  • WSO2 Stratos 2.0 Platform as a Service will include
    • Support for multiple languages and runtimes
    • Support for more IaaS providers (vmWare, EC2, OpenStack, CloudStack, Rackspace etc.) via Jcloud
    • Enhanced manageability
“We are embracing a heterogeneous environment were you can run PHP in the cloud environment and take advantage of the rich set of PaaS foundation services that Stratos offers. Also you can plug-in any application server or asynchronous  server and cloud-ify  the application environment by having an mechanism that ties back into the pass foundation and Startos controller services.”
– Chris Haddad
“The key differentiator for Startos is its inherent multi-tenancy. There are other PaaS offering that have the polyglot language support but what they don’t have is the concept and modeling of multi-tenancy. That plus the richness of the set of Stratos services that the cartridges have available to you make us really stand out.”
– Paul Fremantle

You can watch the full recording of the webinar here: http://wso2.org/library/webinars/2012/09/wso2-carbon-wso2-stratos-summer-release-roundup

 – Hasmin AbdulCader, Director, Communications