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Location: Mountain View, New York

We are seeking a forward-thinking alliances executive who will design, build, and execute high impact business growth strategies with our strategic SaaS, ISV, and GSI accounts. The ideal candidate must be capable of moving mountains in a short period of time to achieve business metrics while operating in competitive technology markets.

Some of the key traits we’re looking for include:

  • Ability to get up to speed quickly, “see around corners”, make tough decisions, and influence broadly across the organization.
  • Adept at building solutions that drive growth.
  • Combine deep industry knowledge, strategic thinking, and customer-focus with business knowledge to improve performance.
  • Fluid and comfortable operating in a culture of total transparency and no politics working environment.
  • Strong cross functional leadership based on experience, resulting in a keen ability to lead and manage local and international teams across adjacent vertical functions such as Business Development, General Management, Product Design, Product Management, Sales, and Marketing.
  • An impeccable set of connections and relationships to product and business leaders across the enterprise software sector.
  • Keen understanding of the market nuances and complexities of integration, IT governance, middleware, and distributed systems of scale.


  • Committed to negotiating win-win solutions, partnerships, and deals.
  • Passionate about combining technology and design to delight the customer.
  • Known for developing innovative ways to solve complex business challenges.
  • Ideal to have experience with market development funds and corporate ventures.
  • Knowledge of investing, open source licensing, services exchange, and royalty-bearing agreements.