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Location: Colombo Office

WSO2 is accepting applications for two Research Engineer positions.

The responsibilities of the Research Engineers are to conduct deep research in a field that has mutual interest to WSO2 and the engineer. He/she will work closely with Research Staff members and he/she may align the work with a research M.Sc. or a Ph.D. program.

He/she will be given room to focus, do deep work, and to build his/her own brand full time focusing on research. Positions are designed as an apprenticeship for someone who plans go for a Ph.D. and give him/her an opportunity to build his/her profile in preparation for the application.

Research engineers are expected to collaborate with other researchers, communicate, publish, and build visibility. They will be evaluated accordingly. Deep analytical skills, willingness to learn, and the ability to write and communicate will be essential.


Candidate should hold a Degree in Computer Science. We strongly encourage candidates who graduated recently or who are expecting to graduate in few months time in the aforesaid field of study to apply. Also candidates with a few years of experience are encouraged to apply.

Interested candidates should submit a CV with a cover letter. The cover letter should be one page and must include

  • GPA and standing (rank) in the batch
  • Future plans of the candidate and how this position might help the candidate in those plans
  • References to any publications or research work the candidate has done
  • Links to examples of writings the candidate has done (e.g. research papers, technical articles, blogs etc. Thesis is not accepted as an example.)

Positions are offered for two years only. At the end of this period, he/she is encouraged to proceed with higher studies or join the WSO2 Engineering team.