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Vice President Customer Success and Delivery

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Location: Mountain View Office

WSO2 is the world’s largest open source integration company and 6th largest open source software company. Our 500 enterprise customers execute 6 trillion transactions each year on our technology powering everything from banking, manufacturing, insurance, healthcare, technology, and government.

Customer Success is vital to our long-term business success as we are an essential part of enabling every organization to make software development into their own competitive advantage. WSO2 is a fundamental part of our customers’ journey towards success, especially now that 50% of all software development is integration.

To live up to these goals, our customers expect to receive massive value from our subscription support and service.

This delivery and customer success role is about ensuring post sales customer satisfaction, from the point of quick start to ongoing production subscription support, wherever the customer would be in their integration agility journey with WSO2.

You will partner with our sales, solution architecture, and engineering teams to ensure successful delivery of support and services. You will proactively engage with all internal teams to ensure timely delivery of appropriate solutions to customers to achieve their desired outcomes.

You will strive to achieve delivery excellence with all the post-sales account activities and help with retention and expansion activity with accounts.

You will act as the main point of contact for customers on all matters related to delivery relationships and expectations management. You will also work closely with customers on matters related to products/solution deployment success and satisfaction.

You are to facilitate all internal teams to work with customers to ensure that we become a part of customer team and build trust so customers believe we are an extension of their community.

You should also work closely with partners to understand the delivery needs to help fulfill customer needs.

You should be part of defining, refining, and continuously improving our support strategy, PSO delivery and execution models.


Drive Customer Success Outcomes

  • Increase renewal rates and reduce churn
  • Expand our revenue in accounts through cross-sell and up-sell
  • Influence future lifetime value through higher product adoption, customer satisfaction, and overall health scores
  • Drive new business growth through greater advocacy and reference-ability

Define and Optimize Customer Lifecycle

  • Map customer journey
  • Develop listening points in journey (e.g., usage, satisfaction, etc.)
  • Standardize interventions for each point in journey
  • Define segmentation of customer base and varying strategies
  • Identify opportunities for continuous improvement
  • Learn from best practices in industry

Manage Customer Success Activities

  • Onboarding
  • Training
  • Professional Services
  • Customer Support
  • Customer Success Management
  • Renewals
  • Cross-sell / Up-sell
  • Advocacy

Measure Effectiveness of Customer Success

  • Define operational metrics for team
  • Establish system for tracking metrics
  • Create cadence for review within teams
  • Expose subset of metrics for the company

Lead World-class Customer Success Team

  • Recruit experienced leaders for each functional role
  • Attract high potential individual contributors into team
  • Create rapid onboarding process for new team members
  • Foster collaboration within team and across customer lifecycle
  • Encourage continuous learning within team

Enhance Effectiveness and Efficiency Through Technology

  • Support systems
  • Customer marketing software
  • Reference and advocacy solutions
  • Customer Success Management platform

Inspire Customer Success Across Company

  • Create company-wide culture of Customer Success
  • Align with Marketing around marketing to existing clients
  • Align with Product around driving product roadmap
  • Align with Sales around cross-sell and up-sell and focus on selling with a retention focus
  • Align with Finance around measurement and forecasting
  • Align with Executive Team around key metrics and objectives
  • Drive company-wide definition of ideal customer
  • Create company-wide customer feedback loop


  • Ensure delivery of support at highest level of customer satisfaction and compliance to the support SLA
  • Encourage and empower teams to provide sustainable solutions for customers
  • Monitor support performance and optimize support operations to delivery value
  • Regular reviews of support relationship with all customers
  • Ensure continued growth of institutional knowledge, support knowledge base, and support tools
  • Engage with partners to expand and enhance our delivery capabilities
  • Continuous optimization and improvement of support operations
  • Keep track of support P&L


  • Manage allocation of resources to on-site and off-site customer work
  • Meeting PSO delivery demand with partners and internal skillset
  • Monitoring customer project progress and ensure maximizing customer satisfaction though
  • Build knowledge bases and best practices across the board to ensure success of PSO delivery
  • Build customer account intelligence to ensure delivery excellence
  • Monitor delivery satisfaction and optimize PSO delivery
  • Keep track of PSO P&L


  • 10+ years of customer support and services delivery experience
  • Passionate about delivering solutions to customers
  • Personality with urge to find solutions
  • Ability to provide tactical plans as well as vision and strategy
  • Track record of customer and stakeholder management
  • Evidence on ability to deep dive into customer crisis situations delivering solutions under pressure
  • Skills on being able to prioritize, drive decision-making, and negotiating skills
  • High level of emotional intelligence and be able to manage fuzzy situations
  • Experience in cross team collaboration, team management, and mentoring skills
  • Excellent people and management skills to interact with colleagues, cross-functional teams, and third parties
  • Familiar with enterprise integration technologies