Leading Sri Lanka-Based Finance Company Leverages WSO2 to Meet Rapidly Growing Customer Needs

Industry:Banking and Finance
Country:Sri Lanka


One of Sri Lanka’s leading finance companies needed a way to scale its processes to meet rising business demands. The company provides a wide range of financial solutions including fixed deposits, leasing, hire purchase, personal loans, education loans, and microfinance.

The legacy ERP system in use had many limitations that made it difficult to integrate with their numerous other internal and third-party systems. This hindered their ability to rapidly develop their offering to meet these demands. They needed to adopt technology that allowed them to be more agile.


  • Enhance their legacy ERP system by leveraging integration technology
  • Reducing the time to market by speeding up the development process when rolling out new functionality
  • Ability to scale to growing business demands without compromising on performance


  • Introducing a common integration layer to integrate different systems. This integration layer leverages WSO2 Enterprise Service Bus (now repackaged as WSO2 Enterprise Integrator)
  • Data enrichment, transformation and routing capabilities of the WSO2 ESB was used to integrate with different systems
  • Different data sources were exposed as services via WSO2 Data Services Server (now a profile in WSO2 Enterprise Integrator) so that they can be easily consumed by different applications within the organization
  • Having an integration layer allowed the legacy ERP solution to scale smoothly as point to point integrations that existed previously were replaced by the ESB mediation layer

“WSO2’s integration capabilities offered a strong solution that met our current demands as well as a good roadmap to meet any future requirements. The product was also very lightweight and had competitive pricing. Additionally, the on-site support and knowledge transfer from WSO2 engineers helped speed up the development process and guide our in-house developers.” Senior Manager IT Operation & Software Development