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Expose Mainframe Data & CICS Transactions with WSO2 Middleware - HMO Case Study

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Our client, one of the largest Managed Care Organizations in the US, faced the challenge of exposing client medical records stored in their mainframe and DB2 and MSSQL systems in a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) environment. The solution presented by WSO2 that included the WSO2 ESB (ESB) and WSO2 Application Server were selected over other leading commercial vendor platforms, after a week long on-site evaluation that included a proof-of-concept scenario implementation. Since then, WSO2 has been working with the client on a development support agreement, that introduced enhancements requested by the client and is currently moving towards support production system deployment for multiple servers.

Problem Identification and Analysis

This leading client was facing issues opening up its mainframe based clinical records and DB2 and MSSQL databases as SOAP and REST Web services. A licensing and resource limitation over concurrent connections to the CICS Transaction Gateway (CTG), required, that queries for data be made only under those circumstances where a cached result did not exist for the same query. In addition, users were sometimes found making the same query repeatedly, refreshing the console before data is returned from the back-end database. This required throttling of connections by rate, by IP and throttling by concurrency in order to prevent the exhaustion of CTG. All of the above were required in a highly available system, that would not present a single point of failure.

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