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A complete platform for enterprise-grade API-first development to create, deploy, run, and manage APIs and services, which integrate perfectly to your development practices with multiple environments. Deploy to the Choreo cloud or to any private cloud within minutes.

Full lifecycle API management? Yes of course, but Choreo API Manager is about enterprise-grade API first development.

Choreo offers a very promising alternative to traditional API management solutions, eliminating the infrastructure complexity of service creation, deployment, and operations without a steep learning curve.”

Alexei Balaganski, Lead Analyst, KuppingerCole

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Create Services and APIs, Not Only API Proxies

Start with services written in any language, run them in Choreo or elsewhere, and make them into APIs. Or design new APIs and write proxying rules to existing services.

Create Services and APIs

Proxy Your Service

Create managed, secured, proxy APIs for your existing private or SaaS backend services.

Any Architectural Style

Create synchronous, asynchronous, or streaming APIs with REST, GraphQL, WebSocket, Webhooks/WebSub, and SOAP.

Implement APIs

Write any kind of APIs using any language with GitHub integration. Build, test, and deploy to a Kubernetes cluster in a serverless manner.

Multiple Environments, Clouds, and Regions

Develop APIs the way you want with multiple environments that have secure configuration management deployed in any cloud and any region.

Multiple Environments, Clouds and Regions

Multi-Environment CI/CD

Treat any API as code and CI/CD to your heart’s content across multiple deployment environments. Integrate verification, testing, or documentation systems to the build.

Multi-Cloud and Regions

Deploy your APIs across clouds (Azure, AWS, GCP, your own Kubernetes) in any region of choice.

API Sandbox

Facilitate developer adoption with a sandbox endpoint for your APIs for experimentation.

Advanced API Access Control

Give priority to secure APIs with out-of-the-box integration with Asgardeo as an identity provider (IDP) or connect your own enterprise IDP.

Advanced API Access Control

Built-in IDP

With integration to Asgardeo, you get an IDP by default for your APIs. You no longer have to worry about how to bring in users to use your APIs.

Bring Your Own IDP

Seamlessly integrate to any IDP of your choice in a few clicks. Choreo API Manager can provide authentication and authorization for APIs through any IDP.

Authn, Authz, Zero-Trust

Configure authentication and authorization to your APIs with OAuth2, APIKey, and more. Enable role-based access control (RBAC) and any other authorization through policies. Propagate trust to backend services to build a zero-trust environment.

API Marketplace

Facilitate API-first development in your organization with a secure, managed marketplace that allows APIs to be discovered and consumed easily by internal and external developers. Control what APIs are consumed by API developers to prevent API supply-chain attacks.

API Marketplace

Discover and Reuse

Find APIs built by others in or outside your organization. Stop reinventing the wheel and reuse existing APIs to build new APIs.


Share your work with others, both internally and globally. Increase the value of your APIs by sharing it with others.

Enterprise Governance

Control access to APIs for consumption. Control what external APIs are available for API developers to consume with allowlisting selected APIs along with managed credential sharing for different environments.

Manage APIs in Your Virtual Private Cloud

Keep everything as secure and controlled as you want by keeping all your services and API management for both internal and external APIs within your virtual private cloud (VPC) on Azure, AWS, or GCP.

 Manage APIs in Your VPC

API Management In-House

By running Choreo’s API management infrastructure in your network, APIs can securely access your enterprise backend services without hassle.

Fast Response, Low Latency

Get faster responses from your APIs by having them closer to your services in your VPC.

Guaranteed Security

Keep your APIs within your network and guarantee that only you can access them.

API Teams as 2-Pizza Teams

Run API projects separately with teams focusing on their own set of APIs independently. Control API exposure as internal to the project, shared within the organization, or shared externally.

API Teams as 2-Pizza Teams

Guaranteed Isolation

Each project team’s APIs are network isolated using Kubernetes namespaces and network policies to guarantee that the policies are enforced in every environment.

Internal and External APIs

Expose APIs internally or externally with just a click of a button. Setting up north-south and east-west APIs no longer requires laborious work. Choreo API Manager has already done all of that for you.

Control the Toppings

Control the services that developers can consume when writing their APIs.

API-First Applications

Start contract-first, design your multi-service applications using Choreo’s VSCode extension, and implement the services in any language.

API-First Applications

Design ⇌ Code Symmetry

Writing services in Ballerina guarantees that the design and code are always in sync. Get compile time guarantees to reduce integration testing.

Any Type of Service

Write component services in HTTP, REST, GraphQL, gRPC, and more.

Visualize Network Data

Visualize all data flowing across services and understand their structure. Enables static verification of network interactions.

API Management
Features in

API security

Consumption limits

API analytics

API documentation

API ratings and reviews

API lifecycle management

Throughput and latency reports

Policy creation and management

Choreo connects IIIT research institutes across India via one API gateway so that nonprofits can access APIs to applications and services from a central location. IIIT also uses analytics features to monitor API usage and automates API documentation via Choreo."

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Khoushik Ananth,

Lead Engineer at IIIT Hyderabad

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