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Choreo Introduction

Core Benefits

Create and manage APIs

Create REST and GRPC APIs, publish your services as managed APIs, and control them with WSO2’s market-leading API management capabilities.

Build Integrations

Triggered periodically or by an event (e.g., Webhook), execute your low-code integration logic to compose APIs from 100s of SaaS APIs via our pre-built connectors to trigger business automations.

Build Microservices

Write services that compose APIs and other libraries along with your integration and business logic. Develop with low-code or pro code with Ballerina.


Run Professional DevOps

Build, deploy, and run on Kubernetes (without any YAML!); manage multiple environments; and observe — all in a few clicks.

Share APIs Through a Marketplace

Share your APIs for re-use by internal or external (public) users through the marketplace and benefit from 100s of built in connectors.


Here's What Our Users Say

Our early adopters are here to stay! Try it out for yourself and give us feedback on our Slack channel

Simultaneous low-code and code

Choreo enables you to go from low-code to source code and easily switch back and forth. It significantly enhances productivity by providing a collaborative platform for developers of all skill levels.

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All the tools you need for cloud native engineering in one platform

Everything you need to rapidly create integrations, services, and APIs; manage APIs; and deploy services and APIs in one place. Choreo also comes with a shared marketplace for all your APIs, event streams, and data sources. Easily recompose these in code and low-code.


API Management











Idea to production in hours, not months

Eliminate spending time on building a platform and focus only on your application, with simple abstractions for cloud native engineering.

Enjoy the freedom to take control in your DevOps flow, production multi-environment deployment, and production configuration with a microservices style programming model.


Deep observability

Choreo deeply traces your executions from the code statement level to the machine it runs in. It presents all observability data and logs aligned in the same timeline, with end-to-end flame graphs providing all you need to troubleshoot your applications.

AI-based anomaly alerts call your attention only when required and guide you through until you have isolated the problem.

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AI-assisted development

Learning from historical activities and performance behaviours, Choreo anticipates most of your needs. It provides performance feedback as you code, code completion, anomaly detection, and data mapping— while pushing the boundaries of AI.

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Performance Prediction

Intelligent Data Mapping

Smart Code Assistance

Anomaly Detection

Lock-in free

In the past, low-code typically meant black-box code that is only executable in a vendor's platform. With Choreo, all your low-code is just source code.

This means you can clone the repository, build it using freely available open source tools, and run it wherever you want. Your (low-)code is always yours to take and run.


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