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Configure a Custom Domain for APIs

A custom domain for your site is essential for effective branding, discoverability, and credibility. Choreo allows you to configure a custom domain for the APIs you deploy in it.

To understand how to configure a custom domain for your APIs, see the following sections:


To configure a custom domain for your APIs, you must first register a custom domain with a domain registrar service as follows:

  1. Sign in to the Choreo Console at using a Google, GitHub, or Microsoft account.

  2. If you are a new user, create an organization. Enter a unique organization name. For example, Stark Industries Ltd.

    Create an organization in Choreo

  3. To expose the custom domain to which your APIs need to be exposed, register it with a domain registrar service (for example, ClouDNS).

    To register the custom domain, you need to create a DNS record of the CNAME type via the domain registrar service, associating it with the Choreo gateway access domain (i.e.,

  4. Optionally, create TLS certificates and keys to enable TLS for the custom domain. You can also use the let's encrypt option. This option allows Choreo to create and manage the certificates on your behalf.

Configure a custom domain for your APIs

To configure a custom domain for your APIs, follow the steps given below:

  1. In the left navigation menu, click Settings.

  2. In the header, click the Organization list. This will open the organization level settings page.

  3. Click the Domains tab and in the Gateway sub-tab, click + Add Custom Domain.

  4. Enter your domain name and click Verify.

    Verify domain name

  5. Once Choreo verifies the custom domain successfully, click Next.

  6. You can add the TLS certificates you created for the custom domain. Alternatively, you can click the Let's Encrypt option to let Choreo generate and manage the certificates for you. For this scenario, let's click the Let's Encrypt option.

  7. Click Add to save the custom domain.

    The Settings page displays the custom domain in the Domains/Gateway sub-tab.

    List custom domain

That's it! You have successfully configured a custom domain for your API Gateway. The API endpoint of the APIs you create will now include the custom domain as shown in the image below:

API with custom URL