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Test an API

Before using your API in production, you can test it using the integrated OpenAPI console in Choreo. Once the API is deployed in the required environment, an API consumer can use the application credentials, generate an OAuth 2.0 token, and invoke the API to test its functionality by providing values for the required parameters.

This guide will take you through the steps to test an API in Choreo.

  1. Sign in to Choreo Developer Portal at https://devportal.choreo.dev. Alternatively, click Developer Portal link on the Choreo console header.

    Developer Portal

  2. Click APIs.

  3. Select an API you want to test and click Try Out on the card. In this case, skip step 4. Alterntively, you can click on the API and follow step 4.
  4. Click Try Out from the left panel.
  5. Select the required environment from the Environment dropdown.

    Test Panel

  6. Select the relevant**Subscribed Application** from the dropdown that you subscribed the API to.

  7. Click Get Test Key on the Access Token field to generate a test access token.
  8. Next, expand a resource you want to test by clicking on the resource.

    Test Resource

  9. Click Try it Out to enable the resource to be tested.

  10. Fill in values for the required parameters and click Execute.

Test Resource

  1. Once the Choreo executes the request, you can view the response in the OpenAPI console.