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What is Choreo?

Today, with the growth of the global API ecosystem, APIs have become an essential part of modern engineering. Therefore, it has become necessary for organizations to participate in this global API supply chain by consuming and producing APIs. The adoption of cloud and microservices-based distributed architecture has also become increasingly significant, causing more and more organizations to rapidly evolve and look for innovative ways to build their digital business ecosystem. This has led to the need for a state-of-the-art iPaaS that can address the complex challenges that organizations face when connecting applications, systems, and data to build integrations and expose those integrated services to internal and external consumers in a future-proof manner.

Choreo, a versatile and comprehensive platform for cloud-native engineering, provides the following advantages:

  • Provides different perspectives in the platform that groups related functionalities together which helps you find exactly what you will need to easily and efficiently implement your organization's integration story.
    • Internal developer Platform: A full lifecycle cloud native application development platform perspective that helps you create, deploy, run, and observe APIs, integrations, and microservices on Kubernetes.
    • API Manager: Provides the capabilities to develop APIs and get them to production. Choreo’s API Publisher Portal allows API developers to design, publish, and manage the lifecycle of APIs whereas the API Developer Portal allows consumers to consume APIs.
    • IPaaS: A platform perspective designed to help you create, manage, and share enterprise-grade integrations and automations easily.
    • DevOps: Experience realistic DevOps with versions, environments, CI/CD pipelines, and automation test with Choreo's DevOps perspective.