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Develop Integrations with Ballerina

Ballerina is a programming language for developing integration. It provides a comprehensive collection of features and tools for building and deploying integrations. Being a modern and cloud-native language, it is simple, efficient, expressive, and offers a clean syntax. Ballerina provides a range of built-in libraries and tools that enables applications to connect with a variety of services and data sources, including APIs, databases, and messaging systems. It also supports deployment on various platforms, including cloud and on-premises environments.

WSO2 Ballerina-based integrations provide several advantages over traditional integration solutions. The following are a few of them:

  • Ballerina provides a unified programming model for integrating different systems and services. Therefore, developers need to learn only one language and one set of tools. This makes it easier to build and deploy integrations.
  • Ballerina provides a range of security and performance features that make it easier to ensure the security and reliability of integrations.
  • Ballerina provides a cloud-native deployment model making it easier to deploy and manage integrations on the cloud.

Integration types

Choreo supports the following types of integrations:

  • Integration as an API: These integrations are exposed as APIs using HTTP.
  • Event-triggered Integration: Integrations that are triggered by external events.
  • Scheduled Integration: Integrations that are triggered automatically at scheduled time intervals
  • Manually-triggered Integration: Integrations that you need to trigger manually.

Develop with VS Code Studio

Visual Studio Code is a versatile code editor that provides a rich user interface for developing integrations using Ballerina. Ballerina is a modern programming language designed specifically for integration, and the Ballerina extension for VS Code adds a range of features and tools that help developers create high-quality integrations.

With the Ballerina extension for VS Code, developers can take advantage of Ballerina-specific features, including syntax highlighting, code completion, error checking, and debugging. The integrated debugger provides an easy-to-use interface for identifying and resolving issues with your integrations. The built-in terminal also provides a convenient way to run commands and test your integrations.

The Ballerina extension for VS Code also provides a range of user interface elements, including visual diagrams and code snippets, which make it easier for developers to create and manage their integrations. The visual diagrams provide a visual representation of your integrations, making it easier to see how different systems and services are connected.