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Open API Console

Choreo allows you to test your APIs using the integrated OpenAPI Console, the generated cURL command, or by integrating Postman to Choreo. Once you have created an API and deployed it, it is ready to be tested.

You can follow the steps below to test your REST API using the integrated OpenAPI Console:

Test your REST API


If you are on the Deployment tab, click Test in the Development card and continue from step 4 onwards.

  1. Sign in to the Choreo Console at https://console.choreo.dev/.

  2. In the component list, find the API component that you want to test and click it.

  3. To open the test view, click the Test on the left navigation menu.

  4. Click Try it out.

  5. Enter any parameter values if necessary.

  6. Click Execute.

    You can view the response body under Responses.

    Response for the Deployed API

Congratulations! You have now successfully created and tested a REST API in Choreo!