WSO2 Stratos 1.0 is off the ground!

WSO2 Stratos Meets CIO Challenges

Comprehensive Support

Cloud Connectors

While moving enterprise computations to public clouds can offer great cost savings, flexibility and other advantages, it is not yet possible or practical to move the entire enterprise to the cloud. WSO2 Cloud Connectors can be used to securely publish your private services quickly and efficiently in both the public and private domains.

WSO2 Cloud Services Gateway

Used to create a managed, secured channel for business processes and other tasks running in a public cloud to get access to enterprise data and services, with WSO2 Cloud Services Gateway, service and data owners inside the enterprise can choose to selectively publish services and data to the cloud. The resulting services can be fully protected – authentication, authorization, confidentiality, integrity and more – where only approved messages are delivered to access the services.

The WSO2 Cloud Services Gateway allows:

  • Private data access.
  • API protection
  • Firewall servicing
  • Outsourcing computations
  • Security verification

Developer Edition of WSO2 Cloud Services Gateway

As a special developer tool, WSO2 is offering a publicly hosted version of the WSO2 Cloud Services Gateway for any developer to use free of charge (with limits on the number of messages that may be sent through it within a given period). This can be accessed with WSO2 Oxygen Tank credentials.

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