Microservices & Cloud Native Apps Meetup
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The Microservices & Cloud Native Apps Meetup focuses on building cloud applications and interested in continuous delivery, scalability, and resiliency of software. The topics cover best practices, challenges, and solutions for development and operations of microservices-based cloud native applications.

Microservices is becoming so popular and a lot of enterprises has segregated their monolithic applications to fine-grained services. However, most of them faces the issue of how to integrate/orchestrate among those microservices and create composite services. In this meetup, Kasun talks about how traditional ESB architecture is not an option and why there’s a real need to have a framework for building ‘integration microservices’

Kasun Indrasiri
Director of Integration Architecture

Kasun is a key member of WSO2’s architecture team that drives development efforts of WSO2 integration platform. Previously, he was involved in developing WSO2 Enterprise Service Bus as a product lead of WSO2 ESB and he has authored the book, “Beginning WSO2 ESB”. He is an elected member of the Apache Software Foundation and a Project Management Committee member and a committer for the Apache Synapse open source ESB project.

Talk Details

Integration Microservices: Bridging Microservices, Integration and API Management