PSD2 Re-inventing Payments in the Digital Age
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As PSD2 is implemented, banks’ monopoly on their customers’ account information and payment services is about to disappear. As a result, this will transform the banking sector’s relationship with the customer like never before. Hence, the steps to implement PSD2 and take advantage of new payment options in a post PSD2 ecosystem is now crucial more than ever.

WSO2 is a Bronze sponsor of this event. Seshika Fernando, the head of financial solutions at WSO2, will deliver a session on “Commodity to Ecosystem - Supporting Customer Lifestyles Beyond Banking”. This session will cover

  • The shift in strategic perspective from closed to open banking
  • The new normal - Customer journeys, business models, payments and partnerships
  • The organization-wide impact of open banking - How it can redefine your sales and marketing strategies
  • Walk the Talk - Building an open banking strategy for digital transformation
Commodity to Ecosystem – Supporting Customer Lifestyles Beyond Banking

Seshika Fernando

Head of Financial Solutions, WSO2

Seshika heads the financial solutions team at WSO2 where she builds financial industry-specific solutions using WSO2’s middleware platform. She also works closely with potential customers looking to deploy a financial solution, providing ongoing consulting. Throughout her career, she has had extensive experience in providing technology for investment banks, regulators and stock exchanges from across the globe.