New York
Friday, March 21
The Westin Grand Central
212 East 42nd Street
New York, NY 10017
09:00 AM to 1:30 PM


We know your time is valuable. Space is limited and this workshop is open by invitation only to ensure an interactive and productive experience. Please register to request an invitation and directions to the venue.

Football players, race-car drivers, energy buyers, stock traders, and digital marketers gain a competitive edge by acting on strategic and tactical intelligence recommendations. By connecting intelligent controllers to a multitude of Internet of Things (IoT) devices (i.e. soccer balls, shoes, cell phones, and turbines) and connected business information feeds (i.e. clearinghouses, weather services, and ad networks), teams can aggregate Big Data, create Big Data streams, and trigger events that influence workflow and enhance performance.

Why Attend?

After attending the workshop, you will be able to:

  • Communicate the value gained when turning Big Data into activity streams, triggering events, delivering contextual data, and creating an adaptive business environment
  • Explain the roadmap steps, governance, and architectural component that will help your organization capture data, analyze streams, and surface intelligent recommendations
  • Define Proof of Concept project success metrics and infrastructure cost
  • Spin up your own Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) and Complex Event Processing (CEP) environment feeding user dashboards and triggering adaptive workflows.

Attendees will have the opportunity to describe their scenarios, ask questions, and learn from WSO2 experts and their peers.

What You Will Learn?

This solution architecture workshop will describe how leading clients are structurally improving business performance, revenue growth, and customer service by delivering Big Data streaming solutions containing Big Data repositories, complex event processing, adaptive workflow triggers, and dashboards.

The workshop will guide attendees through proof-of-concept demonstrations, real-world use cases, architecture reference diagrams, and facilitated discussion.

The workshop content and demonstration sessions will communicate:

  • Why businesses are shifting from static workflows to adaptive business activities triggered by Big Data streams and events
  • Why teams are building business solutions around business activity stream events and contextual data
  • What architectural components deliver complex temporal pattern matching, Big Data discovery, accessible APIs, and real-time notifications
  • How IT team are reshaping business interactions, connecting things and streams, and enhancing business performance

Presented by:

Chris Haddad, VP, Technology Evangelism, WSO2
Paul Fremantle

Chris works closely with developers, architects, and C-level executives, as well as WSO2's engineering team to increase WSO2 middleware technology adoption, enhance the Carbon and Stratos platforms, and maximize customer value. Previously, Chris led research teams at Burton Group and Gartner advising Fortune 500 enterprise organizations and technology infrastructure vendors on adoption strategies, architecture, product selection, governance, and organizational alignment. His team advanced best practices in PaaS, cloud application architecture patterns, SOA, and middleware. Prior to these roles, Chris focused on creating infrastructure frameworks, establishing repeatable development methodologies, contributing to open source frameworks, and delivering SaaS and Internet applications.