APIs and Identity Management for Your Digital Endeavors

Today’s digital world is challenging the status quo. With APIs you can now extend your business beyond the traditional corporate firewall to expand your network and connect with others. To do this successfully you need to control the digital identities and connections that come in.

Customers, consumers, and employees today expect seamless and secure connectivity for all their devices with an excellent user experience. This changes the way that organizations look at their digital platforms with regards to digital identities.

In this workshop WSO2, Proximus and Realdolmen will

  • Explore the perfect recipe for successful digital connectivity
  • Share insights on how to identify and tackle your digital challenges
  • Discuss mechanisms to overcome GDPR challenges
  • Have an open discussion about any questions you’d like answered

Presented by:

Sagara Gunathunge
Director, WSO2
Hendrik Albrecht
Division manager, Realdolmen
Gianni Manderioli
Innovation and Business Development Manager, Proximus EnCo


Tuesday, November 14
1:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Van Der Valk
Hotel Brussels Airport
Culliganlaan 4
1831 Machelen, Belgium