APIs: The Digital Connectors

Digital businesses are reshaping the landscape of many industries with novel products, services, and business models. To remain competitive and become a leader in their industry, new businesses and established enterprises alike need to undergo digital transformation by adapting both their technology strategies and core aspects of their cultures. Products and services are no longer sold through brick and mortar stores. Customers today expect them to be accessible at their fingertips through mobile apps, web apps and other digital means.

APIs are the center stage of any digital transformation strategy. They allow your business to seamlessly connect with customers, partners, OEMs and all other stakeholders. To reap all the benefits of an API ecosystem, it’s important to understand how and when APIs can assist your enterprise’s digital transformation.

In this workshop, we will discuss:

  • The importance of API management and its role in digital transformation
  • Key performance indicators (KPIs) to evaluate your API strategy
  • How to digitize your business APIs
  • Versioning and lifecycle management of APIs
  • How to engage the digital community
  • API consumption: security, rate limiting and policies
  • How to understand your API consumption through analytics
  • The importance of the right solutions architecture
  • API-centric digital transformation success stories

Who should attend?

Enterprise architects, solution architects, CTOs, CIOs and others that wants to learn about the role of API management in digital transformation and the capabilities of WSO2 API Manager.

Presented by:

Chanaka Fernando
Senior Lead - Solutions Engineer

Chanaka was leading the WSO2 Enterprise Service Bus product before he joined the Ballerina team where he contributes to the development of the core runtime features. With more than 9 years of industry experience in different domains like telecommunications, embedded systems, mobile application development, SOA and MSA, he continues to contribute to the development of products at WSO2. He has been engaged with several customers related to banking, insurance, retail, education, and hospitality, among others. He has also authored several articles/blog posts about the WSO2 platform’s capabilities as well as SOA and MSA.

WSO2 workshops are meant to be practical, interactive and educative. They are presented by WSO2 personnel who regularly participate in architecture reviews and consulting services and very often are a part of our engineering team.



Tuesday, October 17
9:30 AM to 1:30 PM
The Windsor,
111 Spring Street,
Melbourne, Australia.
VIC 3000