Building Business Platforms Using API Marketplaces

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Platforms are fast becoming the de-facto business model for large-scale digital innovation. The success of unicorn businesses such as Uber and AirBnB that continue to disrupt traditional established markets is proof that business platforms are here to stay!

Building a sustainable platform goes beyond just technology. Ensuring digital innovation, participation and agility from both internal and external stakeholders of a platform requires platform design that takes into account the needs of producers and consumers of services and solves them via a technology platform.

APIs are a key part of this platform driven digital innovation, enabling organizations to expose internal assets in a controlled manner to various stakeholders whilst enabling the community to build innovative applications consuming these services. API Platforms provide the core technology for the sharing of these APIs.

This workshop looks at the power of the platform business model and case studies around them. We then look at how API platforms play a role in digital innovation through concepts such as API management, rate limiting, security, monetization and analytics, social feedback etc.



Thursday, May 31
9:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.
L'Espace Tête d'Or
103 bd de Stalingrad
69100 Lyon

Presented by:

Chathura Kulasinghe
Senior Solutions Engineer,

Chathura currently works in the Solutions Architecture team at WSO2. During the course of his career at WSO2, he has also been involved in the research and development of WSO2 App Factory. Prior to joining WSO2, Chathura worked on designing and implementing enterprise solutions related to the banking industry, obtaining experience on working with different technologies such as IBM, Oracle, Microsoft middleware and near-field-communication (Sony Felica based) platforms.

Gregory Eve
Solution Architect & WSO2 Expert,

Gregory is the lead expert on WSO2 based products and heads the architecture teams at Smile. He has over 12 years of experience on web-based software development, search engines, IAM and various middleware technologies. Currently, Gregory assists Smile clients on digital transformation initiatives with WSO2 products and also trains their technical teams.

Céline Dugast
Céline Dugast
Responsable département SI / socle API Management,
La Poste

Céline is an IT Manager within the Technical Direction of the Service-Mail-Parcels Division (BSCC) at La Poste Group. She is also Manager of the "Client Interface" Division.

This division is specialized in exchange systems with external customers of the group and the internal Information System (IS). In 2017, as part of the transformation of the BSCC IS into a service-oriented IS, Céline was appointed responsible for "API Management" based on the WSO2 solution.

JM Dagorne
JM Dagorne
Product Owner socle API Management,
La Poste

Jean-Marc is the Product Owner of BSCC API Management tool. This technical base is an essential brick of the SI BSCC currently being redesigned. It aims to secure and centralize internal API type exchanges and exchanges with external partners.

He is responsible for the build, development and operational maintenance of the different environments and services offered associated with the Management API.