Pragmatic API Management with Agile Integration



Thursday, October 18 | 9.30 am to 1.30 pm
Venue - Grand Hyatt Berlin, Marlene-Dietrich-Platz 2, Berlin, Germany, 10785.

API design and API management provides stargate-access to and is a necessity for modern digital businesses. As a result, the web is bombarded with a plethora of API enablers in the form of tools, frameworks, architectures, and patterns.

But with the emergence of concepts such as disaggregation of functionality and network accessible smart endpoints, tailor-made solutions are becoming more popular. This makes the need to choose the best framework or pattern based on community votes and religious preference redundant. WSO2, with experience in more than 2000 API management and integration projects, helps customers identify the most suitable architectures and patterns that can evolve with rapidly changing business requirements and follow an iterative, agile approach

During this workshop, we will discuss the following topics which will help you choose a suitable solution for your organization’s unique requirements:

  • How to use a combination of WSO2 products to implement API management and integration projects
  • What architectures and patterns complement disaggregation of functionality and network accessible smart endpoints

Presented by:

Chathura Kulasinghe
Associate Lead - Solutions Engineer,

Chathura currently works in the Solutions Architecture team at WSO2. During the course of his career at WSO2, he has also been involved in the research and development of WSO2 App Factory. Prior to joining WSO2, Chathura worked on designing and implementing enterprise solutions related to the banking industry, obtaining experience on working with different technologies such as IBM, Oracle, Microsoft middleware and near-field-communication (Sony Felica based) platforms