API Security Best Practices and Guidelines


Saint Paul, MN

Thursday, September 6 | 9.30 am to 1.30 pm
The Saint Paul Hotel, Downtown Saint Paul Minnesota, 350 Market Street, Saint Paul, MN 55102 USA.

Modern enterprise and consumers are increasingly adopting APIs, exceeding all predictions. It has become the ‘coolest’ way of exposing business functionalities to the outside world. This increase means you need to be more aware of API security. Both public and private APIs need to be protected, monitored and managed. API security has evolved a lot in the last five years and the growth of standards has been exponential. By following best practices when securing APIs, you will be able to wade through the weeds and keep the bad guys away while reaping the internal and external benefits of developing APIs for your services. This workshop will guide you through the maze of API security options and share industry-leading best practices when designing APIs with rock-solid security.

Who should attend?

Solution architects and developers who want to learn how the WSO2 platform can help you protect your precious business APIs.


  • Managed APIs
  • OAuth 2.0
  • API Security Patterns
  • Introduction to WSO2 API Manager
  • Introduction to WSO2 Identity Server
  • Using WSO2 platform to build API security patterns

Presented by:

Kasun Indrasiri
Director - Integration Architecture, WSO2,

Kasun Indrasiri is Director of Integration Architecture at WSO2. He is also a founder of the Microservices, APIs and Integration Meetup group which is a vendor-neutral microservices meetup in the San Francisco Bay area in California, USA. He is the author of the book Beginning WSO2 ESB (Apress) and has worked as a software architect and a product lead with over seven years of experience in enterprise integration. He is an elected member of the Apache Software Foundation, a Project Management Committee member, and a committer for the Apache Synapse open source ESB project. Kasun has spoken at several WSO2 conferences held in San Francisco, London, and Barcelona on topics relating to enterprise integration and microservices. He conducts talks at Bay area microservices meetups and publishes articles on microservices. He works with many Fortune 100 companies to provide solutions in the enterprise integration and microservices domain.