Accelerate Digital Adoption Through API-led Integration


Dallas, TX
Hybrid Workshop

Tuesday, April 5 | 3.00 p.m. to 6.00 p.m.
Renaissance Dallas at Plano Legacy West Hotel
6007 Legacy Dr, Plano
TX 75024

The shift to digital enables organizations to quickly deliver innovative products and services. As part of this voyage, enterprises must develop their digital transformation blueprints to achieve their business goals.

Organizations are growing their capacities by implementing infrastructure as a service (IaaS) through the cloud using software as a service (SaaS) applications to upgrade their legacy systems. In both scenarios, the use of APIs for integrations has significantly increased – through REST or event-driven architecture (Streaming API capabilities) or GraphQLs, which is a perfect fit for these various scenarios. At the same time, it’s critical to create an API strategy and use technical capabilities to meet current and future business needs.

In this session, we will explore:

  • How to create a successful integration and API strategy for digital adoption
  • How WSO2 can help enforce your strategy
  • Aspects of API-led integration through the WSO2 API management platform in the context of digital adoption, referring to concepts such as event-driven architecture (streaming APIs) and GraphQL
    • Creating, life-cycle management, versioning, security, and governance of APIs
    • Supporting real-time integrations and APIs - AsyncAPI support
    • Managing GraphQL APIs - security, subscription and governance
  • Deploy and manage large-scale distributed systems employing a cloud-native, decentralized, lightweight API gateway designed especially for microservices
    • Centralized and decentralized deployments of APIs and integrations - using Docker and Kubernetes and API Operator for Kubernetes
    • DevOps tooling for managing environments, APIs, and pipelines

Join us for this hands-on workshop and learn how the WSO2 API Manager enables you to design, develop, deploy and manage your APIs.

Presented by:

Dushan Abeyruwan
Director - Solutions Architecture,

Dushan's expertise is in the integration technology area and has previously contributed towards developing WSO2 Enterprise Service Bus (now called WSO2 Enterprise Integrator). He also provides WSO2 QuickStart Program consulting services to assist customers in implementing enterprise integration patterns that support their business requirements. In addition to his WSO2 product development efforts, Dushan contributes to the Apache Synapse open source ESB project, and is a Sun-certified Java programmer with more than five years of experience in the IT industry where he focused on developing enterprise applications using the latest Java J2EE technologies.