Digitizing end-to-end business processes with WSO2


Mobile, big data, cloud, and social media have been creating a need for digital business processes that extend seamlessly across organizational boundaries: cloud, on-premises, and mobile. For realizing such digitized processes, a solid integration platform is essential. With its range of middleware products, WSO2 meets this need in a cost effective and efficient manner, combining the benefits of SOA and API management.

Part 1: Architectural best practices for integration

  • Evolution of enterprise integration: Custom solutions to EAI to hub & spoke to bus to SOA/ESB
  • Promoting interoperability between heterogeneous systems with SOA/ESB
  • Disruption caused by mobile, social, big data, and cloud
  • Exposing business functionality through managed APIs
  • ESB as an integration backbone for API management
  • Hybrid integration platforms to connect cloud, mobile, and on premise systems
  • Integration platform as a service (iPaaS) for cloud, B2B, and on-premise integration scenarios
  • Building a connected, digital business with WSO2 middleware products

Part 2: Presentation of a live integration use case

  • Use case around process and data integration between Salesforce CRM and SAP ERP
  • Actual considerations as well as real life challenges that were encountered
  • Need to streamline and automate the business process by synchronizing data between systems
  • Evaluation of WSO2 as well as competing tools for implementing the use case
  • Detailed inventory of systems in scope: data input/output rates, data volumes, and reporting needs
  • Parameters for comparison of integration tools including data integrity, ability for real-time data transfer, data volumes, cost, ease of maintenance, and cloud support
  • Results of analysis and lessons learned

Presented by:

Senaka Fernando
Director of Solutions Architecture, WSO2

New Jersey

Wednesday, May 19
04:00 PM to 08:00 PM
Marlabs, Piscataway,
One Corporate Place South, 3rd Floor
Piscataway NJ 08854
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