Solution Patterns with the WSO2 Identity Server

Learn how you can meet your security and identity management needs.

The 100% open source WSO2 Identity Server is an industry first enterprise identity bus that connects and manages multiple identities across applications, APIs, the cloud, mobile, and Internet of Things devices, regardless of the standards on which they are based. It provides seamless integration with a wide variety of vendors in the identity management domain.

To help you solve your enterprise-level security and identity management problems Prabath Siriwardane, the director of security architecture at WSO2, is conducting a workshop that explores nine security solutions patterns that are built with WSO2 Identity Server and other WSO2 products.

Who should attend?

Solution architects who want to learn how the WSO2 platform can help you address security and identity management challenges.

The patterns that will be discussed include:

  1. Single sign-on between multiple heterogeneous identity federation protocols
  2. Multiple login options by the service provider
  3. Provision federated users by the identity provider
  4. Just-in-time (JIT) provision users to cloud service providers
  5. Multi-factor authentication for WSO2 Identity Server management console
  6. Rule-based user provisioning
  7. User management upon multi-layer approval
  8. Identity federation between service providers and identity providers with incompatible identity federation protocols
  9. Fine-grained access control for service providers

WSO2 workshops aim to be practical, interactive and educative. They are presented by WSO2 personnel who regularly participate in architecture reviews and consulting services and very often are part of our engineering team.

Presented by:

Prabath Siriwardena
Director - Security Architecture

Prabath has over 11 years of industry experience that currently involves providing security architecture solutions to many of WSO2’s key customers. He has worked with many Fortune 100 companies, and is the author of the book Advanced API Security published by Apress. Prabath is also a member of Apache Axis PMC and has spoken at numerous international conferences including OSCON, QCon, ApacheCon, WSO2Con, EIC, IDentity Next and OSDC.


Mountain View

Tuesday, 20th September
9:30 AM to 1:30 PM
787 Castro Street,
Mountain View,
CA 94041