Strong and Adaptive Authentication for your Enterprise


New York

Wednesday, November 13 | 9.30 a.m. to 1.30 p.m.
Venue - 1601 Broadway, 8th Floor New York, NY 10019

The number of security (or data) breaches is on the rise. Most of them can be avoided by using multi-factor authentication (MFA). The challenge in MFA is usability. FIDO (Fast ID Online) is becoming the de-facto standard for MFA.

Google, LinkedIn, Facebook all use FIDO internally on their employees for authentication, but it too finds it hard to reach the mass market. There is also a shift from MFA to continuous and adaptive authentication. This, to some extent, addresses the usability concerns.

WSO2 Identity Server has comprehensive support for adaptive authentication, which in fact goes well beyond traditional adaptive authentication use cases supported by many IAM vendors. With a set of javascript templates, identity administrators can get the complete control of the authentication flow, enforce rules, do attribute transformations, talk to external systems, do step-up authentication and much more. All industries, especially banking and finance should consider adopting adaptive authentication to give their users a better experience.

This workshop will discuss the evolution of authentication mechanisms, pitfalls of existing ones, how adaptive authentication the answer to helping your enterprise become an agile one and how WSO2 Identity Server can help you implement adaptive authentication.

Who should attend

Enterprise, Product and Solution Architects, Full Stack Developers

What you will learn,

  • Evolution of authentication technologies
  • WSO2 Identity server authentication use cases
  • IAM principles on strong and adaptive authentication
  • Advanced security uses cases using strong and adaptive authentication

  • Join us for this half-day workshop starting at 9:30 am with breakfast and ends at 1:30 pm with lunch. Hands-on participation is optional, so please bring your laptop if you want to participate.

    Presented by:

    Prabath Siriwardena
    Vice President - Security Architecture,

    Prabath spent most of his time in the last ten years with the WSO2 IAM team, in developing the open-source WSO2 Identity Server (Apache 2.0 license), which is used by hundreds of top companies globally, and also within the open-source communities. As a technology evangelist, Prabath has published four books, including Advanced API Security. He has spoken at numerous conferences including RSAConference, Identiverse (Cloud Identity Summit), European Identity Conference (Keynote 2015), API World, API Strategy & Practice Con, OSCON and WSO2Con - and traveled the world conducting workshops in evangelizing WSO2 technologies.