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ApacheCon 2011: Open Source Enterprise Solutions, Cloud Computing, and
Community Leadership

Apache powers 190M+ Websites, countless mission-critical applications worldwide, and the core of today’s Cloud computing. ApacheCon is the official conference, trainings, and expo of The Apache Software Foundation, exploring key issues in using and developing Open Source solutions “The Apache Way”. Join us 7-11 November in Vancouver – register today

Sri Lanka Association of Software and Services Companies (SLASSCOM), is the premier industry chamber for the IT and BPO industries in Sri Lanka. SLASSCOM acts as the catalyst of growth for the Sri Lankan IT and BPO industry by facilitating trade and business, propagation of education and employment, encouragement of research and innovation, and by supporting the creation of a progressive national policy framework.

The American Chamber of Commerce in Sri Lanka, founded in 1992 brings together more than 270 leading Sri Lankan and American companies based in Sri Lanka engaged in trade, business and
investment activities between Sri Lanka and the United States of America. The Chamber maintains close relationships with decision-makers from the US and Sri Lankan Governments, trade bodies, the Embassy of the United States in Sri Lanka, national and regional Chambers of Commerce, and many other relevant institutions both in Sri Lanka and USA.

Media Sponsor is an independent online community focused on change and innovation in enterprise software development, targeted primarily at the technical architect, technical team lead (senior developer), and project manager. InfoQ serves the Java, .NET, Ruby, SOA, and Agile communities with daily news written by domain experts, articles, video interviews, video conference presentations, and mini-books. Visit for more information.

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Skills Matter supports a 35,000-strong community to learn, innovate and share skills for better software. We bring leading thinkers and technology innovators to the UK for over 2,000 talks, conferences and workshops each year and publish the Open Source Journal, a quarterly magazine for enterprise software experts passionate about software craftsmanship.

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Lanka Business Report (LBR) and Lanka Business Online (LBO) are now well established among the Sri Lankan business community as authoritative sources of business news and analysis. They are the flagship English language business programs of Vanguard Business Media.

LBR and LBO, with their unbiased, analytical and insightful business journalism are committed towards playing a catalytic role in the nation’s economic development.

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Just like the call sign, 89.5 has the most positive radio vibe in the paradise island. From the music that plays — to the promotions carried out, from the prizes given away – to the programming style, from the words of each announcement – to the presenters who bring the shows on air. Everything falls under one word YES!

With 17 years of groundbreaking auditory history, Sri Lanka’s Number One Hit Music Station never buckled down on pressure to conform and to confirm what others say is the current standards and the right way to move forward.The station has always moved to its own beat and own rhythm — much to the dismay of the competition and much to the satisfaction of those who benefitted the association.

Web Sponsor is a socially motivated organization to support the development of the ICT industry in Sri Lanka. Since its inception as the primary news source for the IT and BPO industry, ITpro continues to innovate, add value, and engage the community with relevance in content and collaboration.

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Wijeya Newspapers a successful media house publish the English tabloid “ Daily Mirror”, a popular daily with its own distinctive style of writing and presentation that makes for easy reading, the “Sunday Times”, as well as the “Daily FT” Sri Lanka’s only Business Daily Newspapers.

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Lanka Communication Services (Pvt) Ltd (LankaCom) a subsidiary of Singapore Telecom (Singtel) is the pioneer in providing Data Communication and Internet Services in Sri Lanka. LankaCom provides a complete range of corporate communication services – Island wide IP services, International managed IP, IPLC and VSAT services, Disaster Recovery and Business continuity services, Web development, hosting and web based applications and very comprehensive range in Network management tools to enable customers to have a complete control and visibility of corporate LAN and WAN network.

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ETV offers the best English prime time entertainment both through their local programming line up with is affiliated with local society icons with a mix of content from the best of Hollywood. The lineup also includes local lifestyle and entertainment programs, feature and made-for-TV movies, family serials and soap operas.

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