The following Community Guidelines help you understand the responsibilities of WSO2 Oxygen Tank membership. These guidelines are effective from the 8th of Aug 2008. Your use of is subject to these guidelines and our Terms of Use.

  1. Good practices

    • As a diverse user community, users are encouraged to be respectful and polite in their interactions with other members. Avoid flames, rants, harassment, abuse, or intimidation.

    • Respect copyright law. Only post material for which you hold the copyright or a license which allows the content to be posted in accordance with licensing guidelines.

    • Be honest. Don't lie about yourself in your biography, in comments you make, or in any of the content you generate. Don't impersonate others.

    • Maintain your content. A community thrives when conversations are not allowed to stagnate. Check your SOA resources regularly and respond to comments there appropriately.

  2. Bad practices

    • To make a safe community for members of all ages and cultures, refrain from using profanity, obscenity, mature content, and culturally sensitive material in content you generate or in SOA solution you create.

    • Using as a target for or platform originating spam of any sort will result in swift action. If you detect being used for such purposes please alert us immediately.

    • Using for any activity that is illegal or prohibited will result in swift action which may include reporting you to the authorities.

    • Using for commercial purposes is prohibited. Advertising, selling products or services, or conducting transactions on the platform is not allowed. If you have questions about what constitutes a commercial purpose please contact us.


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