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We help you to build great Identity and Access Management solutions—which provide enhanced, seamless, and secure digital experiences for your users—and speed digital transformation efforts.

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What Can You Do with WSO2 Identity Server?

single sign on

Enable Easy Logins

Single sign on (SSO)

Facilitates SSO between multiple logged-in applications for an improved user experience.

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single sign on

Connect Everything

Identity federation

Enables federated access to web and mobile applications across multiple trust domains using open identity standards (including SAML, OIDC and WS-Federation).

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Identity Federation
Identity Federation
Multi-factor and adaptive authentication

Ensure Secure Access

Multi-factor and adaptive authentication

Multi-factor and adaptive authentication based on context, risk, and identity attributes.

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Multi-factor and adaptive authentication

Provide Quick and User-friendly Access

Passwordless authentication

Implement phishing proof and access with a security key or biometrics with FIDO2 support.

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Consent Management

Give Users Enhanced Control Over Their Data

Privacy and consent management

Record, review, and revoke user consent by adhering to privacy by design principles and industry standards and regulations (e.g., GDPR and CCPA). Gives users control over their personal data.

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Consent Management

Get a Unified View of APIs

API security

Secure access to APIs and microservices based on open standards such as OAuth.

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Why Should You Choose Us?


Lightweight and highly extensible to support complex Identity and Access Management use cases. Speeds time-to-market.

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Open-source values

Transparency, community support, and access to the product’s complete codebase.

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Open standards

Supports all identity standards (OIDC, SAML, OAuth, FIDO2) for authentication and federation across heterogeneous systems and protocols.

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A wide range of APIs, including those for identity, user management, and authorization, essential for CIAM solutions.

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A single solution that provides a range of IAM capabilities.

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Easy deployment

Deploy it on-premises, in the cloud, or on hybrid architectures.

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Total value

Transparent pricing and flexible commercial model.

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Our largest customer manages over 106m identities!

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Our Ecosystem

Build fast integrations between applications for federated and strong authentication, social logins, provisioning connectors, and more.

  • Support for federated authentication with popular enterprise IdPs such as Microsoft Office 365
  • Connectors to strong authentication platforms like MePIN, Duo Security, Tiqr, Clef, and more
  • Social logins for popular sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more
  • Provisioning connectors to enterprise cloud applications like Salesforce and Google

Easy Integration with Applications and Tools

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